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Somebody please help me help my son!!!

Hi, I've been reading all these posts for over an hour now and I feel worse instead of better :-(   My son is 35 years old, had a pain pill addiction for several years and decided to go the Methadone Clinic route to get off everything. I hate to say it, but he seemed much better off taking pain pills than this crap! It totally changed his personality ... instead of outgoing, lively and active he turned into a hermit and lives in his room. (He lives with me and my husband because he's so sick right now). He's been taking methadone for about 4 months and was up to 85mg when he decided he hated it and wanted off the stuff. I take him to a clinic every morning to get his liquid dose of HELL. He told them to reduce his dosage every week by 10mg and he's now down to 40 (as of this morning) and the pain and suffering he's going through is about to kill him and me both!  PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN HELP HIM!!  He's drinking vodka like crazy to try and sleep and ease the pain but it's not helping as far as I can tell. He vomits (violently) many times a day, can't eat more than 1/2 cup of soup or a glass of Instant Breakfast in a day. He lays in his bed and I can hear him throwing up and moaning in agony and I don't know what to do!!!  He can't take any Xanax or any opiods of any kind or the clinic won't give him the methadone, so I have no idea how to help ease his pain. Please, please tell me what I can do ... This is ripping my heart out!!!!
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HI welcome to the forum.....Im kinda the go to guy for methadone so will see if we can help you first off going at 10mg a week is way 2 fast thats whats making him sick where not aloud to discuss tapers but in breife  toy go down in single digests not by 10s it throws your serum level off and you wind up in withdrawals to get off methadone the tortus wins the race not the hare sow is good when tapering there is a good 3 in one vitamin you can get up at walmart that will cut down on the withdrawals he is feeling its calcium/magnesium/zinc .....take 4 in the morning and 4 at dinner time in a few datys it should help with his withdrawals if he is getting leg pain or cramping up add potassium also see if you can bring him on here I will be aboel to talk directly to him methadone has its own set of rules it takers a good 90 days for most people to get over it the sleep thing is always a problem next will be an energy crash I hope to meet him on line if not I will work threw you just know methadone is the tuffest of the narcotics to dotox off of it took me 8 1/2 mo to taper off 150 and I though it was going to kill me try to get him off the booze its only going to make his withdrawal worst if you have questions just ask im here to help good luck and God bless.......Gnarly      
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This might sound wierd. Try one table spoon of Termuric poweder mixed with milk. Doesn't taste bad at all and gets rid of most types of pains.
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Thank you SO much for the quick response! I am so scared for him I'm beside myself! Watching him go thru pain pill w/d was bad enough but this is CRAZY! The clinic recommended he only come down 10% each week but he wouldn't listen to them because he wants off the crap so badly. He wanted to stop cold turkey and I talked him out of it.  I think if I tell him I'm talking to you and others who have been through it I can convince him to only drop 5mg a week instead of 10mg. I'm really worried too because he was on high blood pressure medication and stopped taking it because he throws everything up. I would love for him to talk to you himself but he's so sick he can't even carry on a conversation, much less type anything. My husband even had to make him take a shower a couple days ago and while he was doing that, I put clean sheets on his bed, etc. He says he feels like he's dying and just can't do anything that requires any physical movement.  I'm giving him soup, Gatorade, Inst.Brkfst drinks and a multi-vitamin ... I'll try to find the vitamins you're talking about and switch to those. He can't stop the booze at this point because he's an alcoholic. We have a free place for him to detox from the booze as soon as he's off the methadone. He has no money & no insurance, so he can't go to a detox for the methadone. OMG, this is an evil, nasty drug!!!
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Since one of the few things he can stand to drink is milk, maybe I'll try that. At this point, I'm ready to try just about anything!
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Gnarly, I'm not sure if you can see my earlier post because I only sent it to "gnarly" instead of "gnarly_1" ... I'm new here remember :-)

I told my son that I'm talking to you and I'll fill him in on details in the morning since he's so sick right now. He seemed relieved, so already I have to say THANK YOU!

I'm going to tell him that he's trying to go too fast and since he's already at 40mg he shouldn't drop again next Wednesday, but wait a week and then ONLY drop 5mg a week. Do you think that's good advice?

Another question ... Dec. 17th my husband and I (and all our dogs) are going to be gone overnight and I'm really nervous about leaving him all alone. Am I just being a worried Mom or should I stay home with my son to be sure he's okay? I know I sound like an idiot but I've never been through this and I'm so afraid for him.

Again Gnarly, Thank you so very much!
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Hello, I can feel your pain, you are a wonderful mother. I am no methadone expert but I wanted to say I will pray for your son, you and your family. You're right, drugs are evil, but in this forum you will find lots of support, advice and friends like gnarly willing to help. Keep posting, we are here for you, God bless
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