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Sorry to Everyone who's lived with me

I'm here today on Christmas Eve to say Sorry.
Sorry to everyone who's ever had to live with me.
Sorry for having you see me tearing up the house looking for pills.
   Sorry for all the trips to the pharmacy & the money spent.
      Can you find it in your heart to ask for forgiveness today?
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Girl, have you forgiven yourself
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Hi Rosy, I probably will still feel guilty,till I don't need to take pills any more.
  I even feel guilty for being sick enough to need pills to begin with. I feel bad about the Bipolar disorder I suffer.
   Part of its the way I was reared by my grandparents.
   I work on all these things with my Therapist.   Thank you. Pamela
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When I wrote this question, I was hoping all of those recovering today, would remember to give thanks & ask forgiveness from their family's.
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