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Store bought drug test results. Please help.

I suspected that my live in boyfriend may be on SOMETHING. He use to shoot up heroin (he’s claiming a couple years ago before I met him). I recently found 2 insulin syringes hidden in his tool box. One was unopened and the other was opened and had the TINIEST drop of liquid still inside. He claimed that was from the years ago that he used. I don’t believe it. Recently, he has been acting strange. He looks as if he “on something”. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but I know somethings not right. I’ve lived with and known family members who use to take pills so this isn’t that new to me. I don’t take anything myself, so it’s hard to try and remove myself from this and have an objective opinion, hence why I’m here.

Last night I asked him to take a drug test. He got upset and said that it was a ridiculous idea and that he can’t live and be in a relationship if this is what it’s come down to. I told him fine and that I wouldn’t force him to take it, but the refusal of taking the drug test is just the same as testing positive and that if he still refuses then I’m done with the relationship.

We went back and forth talking. I mentioned to him that if he refuses to take the drug test out of pride then I’m done. And that if he refuses to take the drug test bc he knows he’ll fail, I’m done as well. He then made a comment of “well I thought you said that if it positive you’d work with me and help me get help”. That’s when I knew my suspicions were true. That last little comment.

I agreed with him then he finally agreed to take the test.

It was a 12 panel urine test I bought from Walgreens. Everything came back as an obvious negative with the exception of OXY. In the OXY panel there is BARELY a faint line. I have to tilt the container to try and see a barely visible line that would indicate a negative result.

My question is, would a BARELY faint line count as a pass? I’ve read that a faint line would indicate a pass regardless of how prominent the line actually is. But this line is not just faint, it is hardly noticeable.

He keeps telling me that it’s a pass since he can see this “faint” line. But I don’t believe him.
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How long after you found the syringes did he take the test?
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