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What do I do? We're 13 and my friend is an addict. I need to help her.

Okay so my friend, let's call her Sally. Sally has an uncle and he does some hardcore drugs. The boy she is is like in love with does some hardcore drugs. Sally is 13, her uncle's like 40, and her boyfriend is 16. She looks up to both of them a lot. She thinks the crap they do makes them look cool, so she wants to do it too. Me and Sally have been friends for forever and I'm not going to let her go down this road. Her uncle started her out on weed. That turned into zanax bars. Then from 15's, to 30's to 75's. I just found out about this. Her uncle is in jail now thankfully because he is a moron. Her mom does drugs. And her dad is kinda abusive. I love my Sally so much and once upon a Time she told me, "If I ever do drugs, like pills or shooting up, knock me out with a frying pan dude and drag me to rehab." That is seriously what I want to do. I'm 13. What's my first steps? I can't let her ruin her life.
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(15's 30's and 75's are hydroxyzine. It's used for anxiety, which she has.) I don't know what to do. I'm really scared.
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You are no match for the influence of her family. It does not matter how good of friends you are. You will NOT stop her. Sadly, she is doomed to head down that road as long as she is in that environment. You are a child, and are not qualified to stop her, and I wish i could tell you something else, but I cannot. You really care about your friend? Tell your school counselor what is going on, and then call 241-kids and tell them as well. She is a child in a household with a drug using mother and uncle, who are supplying her, and an "kinda abusive" father. She will be mad. But they will make sure she is safe. If she is not, they may have her stay with another family member. If they think she is okay there, they will drop it. They try to avoid separating families unless the situation is very bad. Either way, it is out of your hands and in the hands of someone who can actually do something. You probably do not want to do this because you think she will be angry with you. I think you can make an anonymous complaint, but it will be taken less seriously. She will not continue to be your friend much longer anyway, unless you are willing to go down the hole with her. She will start to hang around other drug users, and your friendship will fall away when you are not willing to engaging in this behavior with her new friends. These are the sad realities of children growing up in homes such as these. I am so sorry about your friend.
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You're a good friend to have. Can you elaborate about what drugs her mother does, and how her dad abuses her?
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