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What do I do now that I found my wifes drug bag?

It is said that what one doesn't know, will not hurt them. There is so much truth to that. At 10:00am on 8-5-18 I found drug paphanelia in my car in my wifes makeup bag. Spoon, pill cases, baggies, a metal holliw rod. I haven't disected the bag further, as my wife was home and extremely irritated. I watched her search endlessly for this thing. She can't ask me if I found it obviously.  That would usurp the denial about drug use that she is so adimate about. She left in the car and I could see she was struggling. What could I do? Earlier I said I would take the car from her. She threatened to call the police and tell them I beat the **** out of her. She did that years ago and had me falsely arrested. I don't know what to do. I'm scared. Scared she'll withdraw and die. Scared she'll hurt herself. Scared she'll go find more drugs in a bad place. I'm in hell. I need guidance. Arresting her will just **** her off and she'll be home in an hour mad as hell. The law doesn't help the victims of this disorder. If I knew they could force her into rehab, I'd call in a minute. I have health insurance. I can pay for the rehab. She won't admit she has a problem. She has a felony conviction for drug possesion already. If I arrest her I don't want her to go to prison. Help. She needs help. Help me help her. Help me help our family who lives in daily hell.
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hello and welcome.
i am sorry you are going through this.
i know it all too well.
how have things been it has been a couple days since you posted here?
addicts are great at lying, manipulating, blaming others , not taking the responsibility for their actions and taking the focus off of them.
We get just as sick as they are. we also need recovery and healing.
let us know how things are going.
keep the faith.
there is always hope.
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She won't go to prison for drug paraphernalia but charged & arrested  but you certainly could get into trouble as well if you were pulled over and it's in your car. She's putting you at risk too. She won't die from withdrawal of opiates either. Just get really sick. You die from overdosing or a bad batch. I'd keep her bag & contact someone to get an intervention started.  She needs consequences and you have to follow through. I just went through living in a nightmare with my heroin addicted boyfriend. I found out he was doing it in our home. I had to kick him out bc he could have cost me my license & my child.
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