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What measures have any of you taken if you decide to continue living with addict??

I have been with my partner for 3 years. I had met him over 20 years ago. I have no drug or alcohol inclinations or desires myself. I found out he was an addict when we started dating....he was clean (supposedly)  at the time. Since we have been together he has relapsed over and over.....forget that....he's been using....and I have had a very quick education on heroin addiction and learning the tells. I have been financially burdened, stolen from, lied to, betrayed, and manipulated. He has gone to detox too many times to count, lost his licence, has no friends to speak of. He is wracked with guilt, shame and isolates himself. He  has  tried alternative methods such as ibogaine and medicinal kratum and cannibus for pain. I'm not even sure why i still want to be supportive to him....I do love him and love his creativity, open mindedness, and sense of adventure, and i want to believe in him. Today i dropped him off at detox AGAIN.....as of his last episode....we do not share a bed.....we haven't had much sex over the last year....I have found that sleeping in another bed gives me some space from him and a bit of solace from dealing with his ****.....he was hurt (surprise) saying that i was "punishing him" i had to let him know that it was a matter of safety.....iI am able to use a room in my basement to set up with a bed and all my stuff....and put a lock on it.....any opinions??
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why not make him a room in the basement and put a lock on your bedroom door upstairs??  i say this because you are sober,. you will need to cook, clean, etc.
do you have kids??
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