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My son is 33 years old. Is currently separated from his wife. He has had healh issues that made him started taking Percocet which he abused. When it became hard to get pain meds he turned to herion. He graduated in May *** laude from a nursing program. He has thought about ending his life except he has a 3  year old son who he lives for. He is now in a detox  center. I am so sad that he is throwing away his life.
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Hi Barbara
Addiction is so very sad and painful for all involved, leaves a pretty  hopeless feeling in its tracks.
Please know, there is Always Hope.
While you know there is nothing you can do to "fix" him, its very beneficial to find support for yourself.
Sometimes we don't know what to ask, where to begin or how to get the pain out.  Never feel awkward about speaking what you feel.  Once you can break the ice with your bottled up feelings, it will flow allowing you to begin to heal.
Our addicts can and will take us very low.
Is this his first attempt with detox, has he tried rehab ?
Many heroin addicts, that recover, come back harder and stronger.  They learn to fight for life, many excel.
Being on the outside watching them, with an unknown outcome is very painful, and frustrating.
As of now, Support him in his attempt....
if he is willing to try, he deserves your emotional support.
Don't make it easy for him, by paving his way...let him do this, in the mean time, focus on you
Were here for you...in any way we can be.
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He was told he does not need rehab after 4 days! I just put another week on my credit card. He does not want to leave rehab. He knows he needs it. I just don't understand what the ins. Companies are doing. He wants the help so bad!
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He was told he does not need rehab after 4 days! I just put another week on my credit card. He does not want to leave rehab. He knows he needs it. I just don't understand what the ins. Companies are doing. He wants the help so bad!
He did rehab for crack back in 2005. He seemed to do well. Got married, had a child, has trouble with pain and started to abuse pain killers. The irony of this is that he just graduated from a nursing program *** laude!
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The first 3 to 7 days is the initial detox. Especially since he already went through rehab he knows 4 days is nothing in the scheme of recovery.
Sadly, in a secular rehab it comes down to the money.
Faith based program's, teen challenge or  victory outreach
Take people without demanding money.
Also, have you looked into intensive outpatient?

Recovery is a marathon not a sprint.
Was he engaging in any counseling, substance abuse support groups, na, aa, celebrate recovery, church,
Aftercare to help prevent relapse?

It isn't uncommon for addicts to crossover to another substance if they don't continue to work on their recovery.

No you aren't alone in this. There is always hope. My daughter has been clean for 27 months. Keep the faith.
I know the pain, hurt, fear and sadness that you are experiencing.
Have you gone to al-anon or celebrate recovery meetings?
Sending hope, healing and prayers,
There is freedom from the chains and bondage of addiction.

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You can look at outpatient meds to help.  My daughter is taking vivitrol which is covered by insurance.  It is a once a month shot that is an opiate blocker.  She detoxed and then began the shots.  For her, it literally takes the desire and thoughts of the drug away!  She doesn't want it. It is a 12 month program.  The shot is about $1200 but on the Vivitrol web site there is a coupon for $500.  My insurance covers it and I know medicaid covers it as well.  For my daughter and our entire family...it has been the answer to our prayers.  Please let me know if you want more info.  Our doctor had never used it, or even heard of it.  We found it on the internet and asked our doctor to prescribe it.  Thank god she did.
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Debbie mentioned Teen Challenge...it is a wonderful faith-based program and is for anyone age 18 and older (the name is misleading as you have to be an adult to go there). They offer a residential program and you can stay as long as you want since it's voluntary. They ask for payment but will work with and take anyone who wants to come, even if you can't pay all the fee. Some people stay a month or more, many stay several months or a year, as they see how much their life has improved. They have these programs all over the country & some people go to 1 close to their home, others go to 1 states away. I know the intake person at the VT men's facility, so please let me know if you'd like the info.

I pray he's able to get the help he needs and desires, whichever route he takes. Addiction is a hard thing to break. It's not just physical. The drugs literally change the way receptors in your brain operate. Most people need continued help, and they have to want to be free of the drugs. Recovery is a way to live, not what happens over a couple months. Hope things get better and let me know if you'd like the info. :-)
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