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Where do I find help for someone with type 1 Diabetes, and Alcoholism!!!

I have been dealing with my boyfriend who is an insulin dependent
diabetic, and alcoholic, and is very depressed about life in general.  I have tried to get him to go to a rehab for treatment
and he says he will go but never makes an appointment.  I have tried to get him to get help to control his diabetes but he never follows through with it...usually I end up saving his life when he has severe low blood sugar.  He will end up in the ER and stay for a few hours or days.  He comes home with intentions of getting on trac, but that only lasts for a few days and he is back going out with his friends (who are alcoholics from work) and will come home stumbling drunk or I will have to pick him up
early in the morning.  You may wonder why I put up with this, I don't have a simple answer.  It's just a very complicated emotional mess.  I am so stressed out from trying to make this change and he tells me he wants to change.  I think he needs drastic action taken.  I feel he would benefit from inpatient care for his multiple problems, i.e. Diabetes, alcoholism, and depression.  Please let me know if there is a comprehensive treatment facility for him...I just don't know where to turn for
all of these problems.
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Thanks for posting!

Your boyfriend is luckier than he can ever imagine having a great person like you to care for him in his time of need... I know exactly what he's going through, as I am a recovering alcoholic W/ diabetes. I wish I had someone like you when I was going through my darkest hours. Luckily my parents came over one evening and I happened to be in a diabetic shock. Anyway I didn't die, and I found help at a great inpatient treatment center. It's called Valley Hope, and it's in O'neil, Nebraska. Check it out at www.valleyhope.com. That place saved my life, and helped restore my sanity. I wish you the best of luck, and if it's meant to be, it will all turn out in the end.

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You probably don't want to hear this, but your boyfriend has to want to get help before he can truly deal with his addiction. You can do the research, get the phone numbers, recommend inpatient and outpatient rehabs, refer him to addiction specialists and endocrinologists--but the bottom line is that nothing will change unless he wants to recover.

Keeping that in mind, you could probably open the phone book and look in the yellow pages. You'll probably find several outpatient rehabs or addiction recovery centers. If you call a few, you can also get a schedule of meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous. Also ask about seeing a medical doctor in rehab, because your boyfriend will definitely need an endocrinologist to get back on track with his insulin--not to mention, his condition will have an effect on the anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds that are normally presecribed.

Another option--have you tried mentioning his binges and chronic drinking to the ER doctors or paramedics? This might make your boyfriend mad, but perhaps hearing a doctor reprimand him and remind him of his fragile condition would help snap him out of it. Again, it probably wouldn't be the magical solution. But it might help in the long run--ie, to bombard him with resources and information.

And the, unfortunately, you will have to let go and allow him to choose his fate. This will be the most difficult part. Fortunately, you don't have to do this alone. I would highly recommend that you seek out an Al-Anon meeting. These meetings can be really helpful. Al-Anon is all about the people who are effected by alcoholics--husbands, wives, kids, roommates, best friends, cousins, etc. And it's all about learning to let go--knowing when to help someone, and knowing when you have no control and have to let go.

Good luck. My heart really goes out to you. I had a boyfriend who is an insulin-dependent diabetic--Type I, diagnosed at age 12. And he was an alcoholic. Still is, I think. I used to have to call the paramedics at 6am, when he was waking up from a hangover and having an insulin reaction. I would feed him grape jelly with my fingers--stuff it down his throat, while waiting for the paramedics. I tried to convince him to stop drinking. His answer was to drink stuff that had 'less sugar'--like beer, and then eat tons of carbs before passing out. Ha. Anyway, after five years we broke up. Not because of the drinking--however, it was a big part of my decision to leave him. He just didn't want to face the music, and I didn't want to watch him die. I had to take care of myself--it felt selfish at the time, but truthfully, I had no control over him and his decisions. So I can feel your pain and I truly hope he listens to you and decides to get help for himself.

Love, Leigh
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hi, my name is michael and my father is a sober member of AA
and has diabetes, one of the things the people in AA do when ever they trying to help some one like your boyfreind , is they go in pairs , if you called your local AA in your area- its in the phone book.  AA would send out 2 members to talk with him
about his options , like a detox or short term rehab, or mosy lilly they would ask him if he would
like to atend the local AA meeting in your area., they have them every day at noon, and every night at 8pm. they last for an hour and a half.
my father got sober in this type of situation 36 years ago.

you might even know some one in AA who could help.
good luck, and keep at him.
Also for yourself  there is alanon meetins for famly members, and freinds of alcohics. these meetins are very helpfull , when
going through these tough times. also very informitive.

keep posting and let me know how you make out.
peace and my prayers are with you.-----michael
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Hi,I'd like to give you one other suggestion to compliment the others you've already been given. If you feel that he is medically unable to detox at home,you can do what iss called an intervention. This is when you get everyone he cares about,his family,friends, and sometimes even a boss,to confront him about his drinking. It is run by an experienced addiction professional who knows exactly the right things to say. You call any rehab center and ask. Or as Hippy suggested have an AA member do it, if they are willing to. The idea is to get him to agree to rehab by a show of force. I agree that an alchoholic has to want to quit drinking the thing is, sometimes we don't know that we want to. Alot of people have been forced into rehab and discovered while in there how truly messed up their lives have become. Sometimes it works and unfortunately sometimes it doesn't. This obviously isn't something that you can take lightly but if he is truly as bad as you think he is, I think an intervention is needed. His life may depend on it.
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Please respond on this, as much as I hate to break these "threads", I am new and need some help.  I onced had a Seizure from cold turkey stop on 4 mg of Xanax a day.  Do to recent stress at work I find my self running short again and will be short up to 2 1/2 weeks.  I have been doing a quote un quote tappering to try to avoid any serious side effects, however I only have 5 = .50 mg to last me until then.  Is there something similar that I can take that won't send me into a seizure, I can't bear to have my wife see me drop to the floor again in a Grand Mal seizure, I can't remember anything from that night, however I was lucky, I was already in the emergency room due to high temperature (angel on my shoulder.)  My next issue, I am randomly drug tested at work, so this is something I have to keep in mind for any other med's.
I appreciate your help - 1st timer.
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welcome to the forum.  anyone who has a drug problem, chronic pain issues, and family/friends of someone with a drug or alcohol problem are welcome here.  how long have you consistently taken 4mg of xanax a day.  if you are taking more than what the doctor prescribes, you have a problem.  there are
longer acting benzo's that control anxiety with less of a tendancy for abuse.  if you have to take 1/2 mg a day for 2 weeks, you may or may not have a seizure.  if you do, end up at the er, you might want to check the hospital for chemical dependency.  most company UDS check for amphetamines, benzo's, opiates, propoxyphene, cocaine - and i think that is all.  some are more intensive, if you are using drugs illicitly without a
prescription, you have a drug problem.  what are going to do?
you can detox off these drugs with your doctor's help or a doctor who specializes in addiction.  you have to want to help
yourself.  i hope writing to the forum was a way of asking for help.  i am a dilaudid junky, and i am on methadone maintenance for the time being.  this is my 2nd time on methadone, so i know how hard the w/d is.  Good luck and Blessings,  Ava
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