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can cold turkey work

A friend came to me and asked for help, she is a crack addict,( i think,) I made her move in with me to get rid of her friends, about 20 miles away.The first day she was very sick no food stayed down. Now the second day she has eaten some small foods and stayed down, she has slept most of the time. What should I look for or do now?  How long will she be sick can she get over it with no medicine?
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I don't have the exact answers but hold on Im gonna go get a couple of my mh buddies that do know.. Hang tight!
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Honestly i wasnt on it long enough to be sick like tgat the physical from what i heat can be weekabto a month then the mental kicks in, and when u thibk about it u get sick and crave it took years for that to go away o hear i still get it...with tgat drug its hard. But its possible my friend used it for 15 years hes almost 4 years clean
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Welcome to the forum!  I have no history at all with crack cocaine but we have some really good articles in our Health Pages that may help you.

Until somebody else with more knowledge about cocaine comes along, here are a few articles that may help you in assisting your friend.  (Just know that regardless of the specific drug....no one can make an addict "want" to get clean if they aren't willing and ready.  You've a great heart to try and help your friend.  Here ya go:


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