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dcf and overdosing

can dcf take your children if someone overdosed without doing heroin in front of child but fell out while in the same car as the child?

Tonight my boyfriend shot up some heroin (I am absolutely clean and he has been trying to become clean went through detox and was in a program and ended up slipping up) he did not shoot up in front of my daughter but he fell out as they say while she was in the car .... When the police and ambulqnc arrived after I dialed 911 the police told me they have to report it to dcf .... Even though he did not shoot up in front of my child nor was she anywhere near him when he did it ... (He shot up before I picked him up)

Can dcf take your children because you called 911 on someone overdosing when she was no where near him when he did it?
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Should also add he is fine and got taken care of but I am just scared
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I don't know that they will take the child, but they will likely do an investigation and may have some required recommendations for you.  Try to look at it from the child protection standpoint.  It doesn't matter if he actually shot up in front of her.  His drug use put the child in a traumatic situation, not to mention if he is a supervising parent and overdosed while in the company of a child, that's a concern.  How old is your daughter btw?

Hopefully this will put a little more pressure on your BF to get more help.

Best of luck to you.
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