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looking for information please help

I have a son who is addicted to ocycotin, he has been doing 40mg yellow pills, somone gave him a hydromorphine 24mg, I am wondering what does the hydromorphine equal when compared to oxycotin? Any help would be appreciated so i can understand where he is comming from, He says to me he only has to swallow 1/2 of the beeds in the 24mg hydromoprphine to equal a 40mg oxycotin and would only have to do this twice a day, he says the hydromorphine last 12 hours instead of 6 with the oxycotin. He does not inject or crush them, he swallows them whole and does not chew, he just came honest with me when i found these new pills in his room, yes i know i shouldnt search his room but i did. I came to this site as a friend said people here were helpfull and knowledable in stuff like this......."confused mom"
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I really need some help with him, i am not sure if he is lying to me again, he has tried to quit a few times but never seems to work. I booked him to see our doctor but i will be alittle embarresed when i have to tell him whats going on, I tried calling today to see if he could answer the question but he is on holodays for 2 weeks, so i have come here hoping someone can help me understand please.
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Please be patient, Saturday night is always quiet and you may have to wait a while for responses.

It is great that you are trying to help your son but the reality is that he does not "need" to take anything. One drug is replacing another. He can get clean and come off of the drugs. What exactly is he telling you that he needs them for?
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Thank you for responding, I just learned that a year ago well he was at a party he was introduced to them, and has done them since, he admitted he snorted them at the party but then just started to swallow them "normally" after the party cause he felt sick, he is/was perscribed percocett for pain but i think once the doctor hears this he will loose those i would imagine. I'm not sure what to expect when we see him, or what to say to his "friends", I just dont know what to do, I want to know if he is lying to me again about these grey capsules he calls hydromorphine, the pilll says that and has a 24mg on it, he tells me he is doing it to quit as he only has to slit one once a day and do it twice instead of all the yellow ones he eats,but he has lied to me so many times i dont know if to beleive him, i know bad to say, he also says it will cost him less and will be easier
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As addicts, we lie and we steal and we cheat. Trust your gut---I know it sounds harsh but it is reality.

I am not familiar with the particular drug you are talking about but I am positive it is an opiate and that says it all right there. He may have started them for pain but he now takes them to ward off the withdrawal. He needs help.

If you don't mind me asking...how old is he? Does he live with you?
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I dont mind answering any questions, i just want to understand him, your right he says that this one pill will ward of his sickness longer through the day without having to do so many of the other, as for stealing he hasnt yet that i know of, lies well yes there has been a few, he is 19 and yes he lives at home, it has been a weird year he missed alot of school due to flu or colds, which i now know was a lie as he told me he couldnt attend as he was sick from the pills, how can a pill make you so sick, yes i have researched it a bit, but i am an old farm girl, and alittle slower than the city folk....lol....i just dont know anything about these things except what i hear on the news.
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Hun, it is not that you are slow...thank Heavens you don't have first hand knowledge as in you being addicted.

Bottom line, he is an addict. Addiction is a disease and I know that is a lot to swallow right now so just know that he is sick. He is sick from a disease from which there is no known cure. However, he can get well and be in "remission" for lack of a better term.

Have you ever heard of tough love? If not, that is where you love him (as you obviously do) but you put your foot down and insist that he he get help. He is living in YOUR home and he needs to be a responsible adult. NO excuses.

If he does not get help now it will get worse. That is a promise. He WILL steal and he will lie. The disease of addiction is progressive, meaning it will take more and more for him to ward off the withdrawal or get "normal". Again, harsh as it sounds---assume that whatever he is telling you, multiply it times five. He is giving you bits and pieces.

I feel so bad saying all of this to you so think about it...do you get up in the morning and take a pill to be normal? That alone says so much.

There is help for him. He CAN get clean and live a productive life but he is going to have to first admit that he has a problem and second---ask for help.

As a mom I know you want the best for him. Are you willing to take a stand to help him?
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Yes i understand tough love but to be honest i lost a son to cancer two years ago, i cant be real hard on him, he does want help and is willing to speak to the doctor when we see him and be honest, he has only asked me to keep an open mind when he speaks to the doctor as some of the things i may not like, not sure what to think yet. As to your question no i do not wake up and need a "pill" to be normal, i am out with the cattle at 5am,, he has almost always been out by 6am till about a couple weeks ago, when he seemed to have been sick more often when it came to chores, or so i beleived. Him getting worst is what i am afraid of, if the flu he has had is anything to come yes i am very afraid, he doesnt weigh much and is realy thin. I will take a stand for him and be the mother I am, I will help him in every way possible, and anyway possible, I just want my son back although i must admitt, i didnt notice anything till lately
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I am so very sorry to hear you lost a son. No parent should bury a child. My heart goes out to you and now facing this has got to be difficult.

You can, and will, have your son back. Please do as much reading as you can and ask any questions you may have. As I mentioned, it is very quiet here on Saturday night so check back as other members come on and can give their perspective and advise.

I wish you both the very best and will pray for you. Feel free to post anytime and to message me if you like. I am no expert but will be happy to answer any questions I can.

While taking care of your son, be sure to take care of YOU too.
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Thank-you, I have a favour, i am not very good on the computer, could you help me find something that refers to the two drugs he is talking about? I have found a few on the yellows and what they are and can be and do, i can't find anything on the other one, could you help with that? If not i understand
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Hi goinghomeagain,

If you google "pill identifier" there are websites that can identify pills for you from the information you enter in about them.  Good luck to you - I think you're a great mom - your son is lucky to have you.  And I'm sorry about the loss of your other son.  My prayers are with you.  Like IB said, please make sure you take care of yourself during all of this too.  :)
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Hydromorphone is the generic for Dilaudid. As far as I know dilaudid comes in 1mg-4mg tablets, 2mg suppositories and a 10mg vial that is used for terminal cancer when the patient had built up a tolerance for other narcotics. Oxycontin is a slow release tablet, (unless you crush or chew them). Hydromorphone does not come in a slow release formula. By beads I'm assuming the drug he's taking is a capsule again hydromorphone doesn't come in a capsule, so if it is dilaudid it will only last for 4-5 hours not 12. You can go to drugs.com and there's a space to type in the drug that you want information on and it will pull it up. Also there is a drug identification section where you type in the color of the tablet(or capsule) any writing on th pill itself and it will tell you what it is. or you can call the poison control center (the number is in the front of the phone book) and they can tell you what it is. I think your son is lying to you or the person that he's getting the capsules from is lying to him. There isn't  a 24mg hydromorphone tablet, capsule or anything else. Good Luck
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Excuse me. There is a slow release formula of hydromorphone. It's called Jurnista, but it's only available in europe. It was taken off the market in the U.S in March/2010. I haven't messed with drugs for over ten years so I wasnt aware of the long acting formula. But hydromorphone is one of the most addictive drugs that can be prescribed. It is usually reserved for kidney stones, gunshots, cancer and normally it is given in the hospital. If your son has gotten hold of some 24mg hydromorphone he really needs to be careful. That amount could very well be fatal. I would call poison control and speak with them about it.
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