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My future son-in-law has recently detoxed from oxycodone. He was a user for several years. I was wondering if anyone out there has like a mood chart as to what emotions he feels after detox. He is around the 3 week sober mark, and he is very angry now. Thinks my daughter and I are obnoxious and overbearing. He came home with a mood chart, but now he's not at home with us, and I would like to see the stages of mood for myself.   Thanks
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WHAT is a mood chart?? As far as the addiction and withdrawl goes WOW!! Your in for one hell of a ride! I hope your ready for the emotional roller coaster YOU just signed up for, he is probably out getting high right now thats why he is not home (or maybe at church?) and 3 weeks is enough time to begin to feel normal so him becoming angry this late in the detoxing stage I say he is angry because he REALLY REALLY just wants to go get high!! How was he acting from day one to day ten? It shoulda been horrible! Was he in severe pain? Throwing up? could not sleep? If you answered no to any one of these 3 questions he never stopped using but if you answered yes well then he did stop using and you got to give him A LOT OF CREDIT !! Opiotes are EXTREMELY difficult to kick! ....GOOD LUCK!!
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OOPS... Sorry you said your son in law NOT husband GOOD thing for you but BAD thing for your daughter....Although many people have kicked drugs and never went back to them....Think positive....
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3 weeks is still early i'm at 34 days and i still get upset and anxious and irritated its getting better but it doesn't happen overnight, maybe the mood chart is something he is using for his aftercare , i used the tracker on this site to watch my progress some days are better than others
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He came home with a paper that tells him what to expect from week to week concerning his emotions. He took it with him wherever he is, and I would like to have one to read. He was in a detox facility for a week and a half. He did good while he was there. When he came home he wasnt sick or anything, just really tired, but couldnt sleep. I gave him melatonin to help him sleep and it worked well. But now he's very angry and I dont know how to approach him. I have texted and called him alot, and that has only made him more angry. I just dont know what to do or how to communicate with him. I want more than anything to help him, but i dont want to isloate him in the process.
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hello and welcome. the week and 1/2 in the detox facility would have taken him through the physical withdrawal symptoms.
the emotional can last much longer. his brain chemistry was altered during his use and the natural chemicals (endrophins,dopamine and serotonins) have to begin to produce again. this can takes months.
exercise,eating a healthy diet of fruits,veggies and proteins,and vitamins will help him recover quicker. he didnt become an addict overnight and it will take time for his body,mind,soul,spirit and emotions to heal.
one on one counseling and a support group such as na/aa,or faith based. celebrate recovery or overcomers are very important to his maintaining his sobriety.he has stopped taking the pills but still has alot of work to do.

as the family and loved ones of addicts please look into alanon or naranon.
it will teach you and your family how to live with and deal with his addiction.

i am the wife of a recovering addict. i attend alanon meetings a couple days of week. addiction is complicated,it  is a family disease, it does affect the whole family in many ways.

look on the bottom right of this page there is alot of useful information in the health pages. please read the pages called P.A.W.S. part 1 & 2.
this has a time line (mood chart) and what to expect in regards to his healing.
please be patient. the healing does come.
i will pray for you all

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In addition to his brain chemistry needing time to normalize, he now having to learn to deal with life and anxiety without medicating himself.  That's a tall order to fill with no support from something like AA.  It's plenty easy to stay sober while in a rehab facility, but outside of that protected environment life becomes very frightening and lonely.  The one constant "friend" he had to soothe him was the drugs and now they're off-limits.  He just doesn't have the skills yet to self-soothe and sort through the static in his head.  That's why a 12-step or similar program is so very important - particularly in these early weeks and months.

I personally hate to see things like "mood charts" for people in detox and early recovery.  Everyone is different and there is no way to predict who will react with depression or who will react with anger or who will be overwhelmed with anxiety (or all of the above) and when it will end.  There's no way to predict who will relapse and who won't or when it may happen.  So much depends on the individual, what the drug of choice was, how long it was abused, at what dose and how willing he is to really get to the bottom of why he turned to substance abuse in the first place.  There just isn't a one-size-fits-all recovery prediction chart.

Is your future SIL doing any work at all with AA or something similar through the detox facility?  Detox is only the first step.  The real work is mental and is most successful with support groups and a sponsor.

If this man is really going to be a part of your lives, then all of you would greatly benefit from Al-anon.  There you'll learn the truth about addiction and how to recognize the enabling behavior and avoid it - among other things.  Yes, addiction is a relapsing condition but it doesn't have to ruin everyone's lives if all of you are educated and working your own programs.  Even if he refuses to do the AA thing now, it's never to late to start your own recovery.  What do you have to lose except maybe some time?
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