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suboxone - depression

My son has just recently started treatment with suboxone.  He is taking 12mg/day.  I have started noticing signs of severe depression.  Stopped talking to his friends. Stays in his room.  Not Eating, Etc.,  I want to know if there is something that could help this?
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Is he taking the Sub for pain management or addiction management?  Suboxone isn't a medication that (in my opinion) should be used for pain management, and certainly not right out of the starting gate with an opiate-naive patient.  It sounds like he's overmedicated and Suboxone is just not the medication for him.
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I take Suboxone for pain relief.  I was put on it because I became addicted to prescription opiates for my pain.  Now I have been off opiates for just over two years and my pain is at a minimal level which I am able to treat with Paracetemol.  I bless the day Suboxone came into my life.
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