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A climate change question.

According to some of the pundits, especially those in governments, climate change is a myth. They say that it is a cycle that has been happening down through the centuries. The fact that these so called natural disasters are happening far more frequently than at any time in the past is of no consequence according to the anti scientific community. My question is, "Do you believe that all that is happening is due to normal occurences or do you believe that climate change is a fact?"
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Mangee~   I've been around awhile,seen seasons gome and go,and lived on both coasts.
I see weather history repeating itself in a cycle.  I remember horrible blizzards and horrible droughts. I've been around for hurricanes and tornadoes in the places I've lived.
Of course there's always climate change...it changes everyday.  Global warming: NO.

These days,I go outside in the morning,check the weather and decide if I need to put the anti frizz stuff in my hair.  LOL      If there's a bad weather warning,I prepare for it.
If there's a weather disaster,I help.    In 1978 there was a blizzard on the east coast. It began as soon as I got to work at the hospital. It continued for 3 days. I couldn't leave and no one could get in. I was there for 4 days along with my colleagues. It was...
interesting. LOL  Couldn't help but be reminded of it just now!

So,those are my thoughts. I worry more about the state of the union than the weather!!

Vicki  xo
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i believe it exists.

imagine all the thousands of cars everyday that drive to and from work in, say, a city like st louis or kansas city or chicago. millions of cars, even. plus tractor trailors, etc.

now go outside and turn your car on and stand behind it. does it smell good? does that air smell clean and fresh? probably not. now don't just imagine a city like st louis or chicago...imagine the whole world every day and all that exhaust going into the air....

i mean it doesn't just disappear, does it? there's not a mysterous bacteria that lurks in are atmosphere that eats up our pollution and CO2. so where does it go? it just sits there. now don't just imagine that....get on an airplane and go for a ride over the midwest. 99% of what USED to be trees is now completely and totally stripped for agriculture. so not only are we pumping huge amounts of pollutants into the air every day, but we've also crippled the lungs that filter it.

now.....all this stuff is damaging the earth, to be sure. odds are we won't suffer though......it'll be our kids and grandkids, if there's even anything left for them. but does it cause global warming? well .... no one can say for sure until, say, the temp hits 140 somewhere. even then, people will still say it's natural. is it? maybe. thats no excuse for what we're doing though. the cancers and lung diseases that are proven to be caused by our negligence is very real....thats enough to motivate a change. it won't happen. society as a whole really IS addicted to oil, fossil fuels, and simply destroying what isn't ours to destroy.

it's depressing. it isn't even a political issue...it's true. next time ur in an airplane....pay attention to whats beneath you. 99% of it used to be trees unless you're flying over a natural desert or prarie. now it's almost all gone.

next time you're driving down the road...look at how many people are driving in cars built to hold 5 people and only 1 person is riding in it. there's no reason for it. we as a society want the biggest and the best even though we don't always have a need for it. it's something thats too late to change. i'm guilty of it myself. i own a very fast very powerful sports car that gets at best 16mpg. i love my car. thats the problem, isn't it? we love things we shouldn't. we don't see ourselves as the problem..we see society as the problem....but we are society. it's something the human mind doesn't deal well with.
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but to add to that....what vicki said is a highly valid point. weather is just downright weird. it's cycles...and within those cycles, you'll have a freak blizzard when the average is supposed to be 70 or you'll have 75degree temps on christmas when the average is 30 (as i remember happening one year).

its hard to know whats part of that natural cycle and what isn't...i just feel that if we have any respect at all for this amazing planet, we will not take the chance now that we know whats comming out of our tailpipes and the result of tearing down all the forests. there was a time where you could say we didn't know better...and to be fair, in the 50's there were far far fewer cars on the road. it WASN'T the problem that it is today and no one could have imagined that it would end up this way....but it did and i don't believe we as a society are doing enough to solve the problem. to be honest, there's no reason why we couldn't become independent of oil. the technology is there, but it's HARD and not enough money is to be made, so we don't utilize it.
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I have to agree with Vicki. Global change yes, Global warming, no.
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We have some answers and opinions but nothing actually conclusive. It is up to the years that come to prove or disprove whose  opinion is right. Unfortunately, by the time there is some proof one way or another many of us will no longer be here to say,"I told you so." Because if there is global warming it will be happening at a very slow rate and will take many years before there is enough of an effect or non effect to say one way or another. So, we can offer opinions pro or con in this regard, and in our lifetime never really know. Of course this is my opinion and that is all it is, just an opinion. Offering opinions here on this forum is our right whether others agree with it or not. Debating the issues on which we base our opinions is a good and healthy way of  learning. We may not like what we hear or read but we cannot disallow anyone from voicing their opinions.
Very rarely do we get someone on this site who is angered by the fact that others do not share their opinion. It does happen but usually common sense preavails and a petty war is averted. This is what is great about this forum. If you don't like what you read all you have to do is ignore it.
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