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1ST meeting!

I don't know WHY it took me so darn long but I attended my first meeting last night! I had to drive an hour away but OMG it was so very worth it! I feel like a 100 lb weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was AMAZED at how UNorginal my story is.... MANY people have been EXACTLY where I am.... One lady shared her story and it could have been MINE...WORD for WORD! I just wanted to say that if anyone is scared, ashamed, etc YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE! The first step is ALWAYS the hardest!
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Good for you! My first meeting was December 1987. It wasn't until 1988 that I first got clean I found the fellowship through the rehab I went to and plunged in head first. I got a sponsor and worked the steps. I attended at least one meeting a day for 5-1/2 years and then relapsed but that not nothing at all to do with the fellowship. I stayed "out" for many years but always knew where I could go. I went on and off while I was using but never worked the steps or got a sponsor like I knew I need to . Six years ago I returned and have been back ever since. The fellowship, my sponsor and the steps have saved my life. It is my home and they are my family. If I walk away I will use..no doubt about it.

I hope you stick with it and I wish you the best. If you ever want to talk about it you know where to find me. Again, good for YOU!!!!!!!!!
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Glad you had a good experience dear Rosy! Thats great. Hopefully your message will resonate with someone else who's thinking about going but scared.

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AMEN my brother! I sure hope so! It took me over a month to take the plunge ! Its an hour each way but Ive decided that my sobriety is well worth the commitment AT ALL COST! Ive committed to at least 3 meetings a week! NO MORE EXCUSES! And that's exactly right.... NO FEAR!
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So very well done Rosy, your doing amazing! 1 hour each way is worth it for what you'll take and learn, keep it up, ;)
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I realize that now dig. Very worth it.
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Ya know, I think I am going to seek out n/a when my physical withdrawal is over. And then some nonaddictive way to lessen my pain so I can sit in the meetings.
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Its a very good idea! Strength in numbers! They have walked a mile in our shoes! The advice and fellowship with others in different stages of recovery is absolutely priceless!
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Yes in deed Girl..There is always a Angle in there that takes you under there wing..Take what you like and leave the rest. I go to both..If you have to drive so far see if you can hit a few in one day. AND why are we playing Tag?? I can not seem to catch you as you can not seem to catch me..hahaha
Bless U Always
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That is just SO great to hear :o)))) Anything that can help and support you (and anyone) in this struggle...
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Thank you ALL! I always love hearing from you all---- The one's who care. It's nice. I learned something in my meeting that I found very interesting... This lady who has been clean for 18 years told me that I can't take it personally when people act like they are better or that I'm beneath them because they have longer clean time. She said it's the only way they can feel good about themselves by making others feel bad. She said that 80% of recovering addicts are really great people but then their are the others who are just as nasty as they were before but now have no excuse for their rudeness. She compared it to the people who go to church and act oh so holy and by being so demeaning they scare newcomers off! This lady and I spoke for 3 hours and it was an awesome release and her story gave me tremendous hope! She welcomed me with open arms. I learned that I always want to welcome anyone and don't want to be a part of any click that would make others feel "less than." WHEN I have 10 years under my belt I will still be no better than the person with ONE day. I have a lot to learn and a long journey ahead but I have my hiking boots on and AM READY! My haters will only serve to make me stronger. I don't want to be "that person" that makes others feel terrible about themselves simply bc they think they know it all... NO ONE KNOWS IT ALL! Addiction is a SERIOUS disease and it's a battle! If anyone needs someone to talk to I AM HERE! We all need someone to lean on sometimes.... Ive trusted the wrong people along the way for sure but as Ms. A taught me " THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE."  Great job everyone! I am so blessed to be taking this journey with you all!! It's NICE to know someone cares! Thank you again!
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Girl WE ALL our in the Same Boat..It does not matter if it is 30 years or 1 day. It is that First Step that counts..I do however like to compare how I am feeling with someone with time in..It reassures me it could just be part of the process. Shoot it has been a long ash one for me so far and I am still a babe in the woods. Alot of times people will try to help you understand a bit more but I have never really seen any clicking..But I can not read between lines either. Sure on here we have all of us come in waves each month but WE R ALL the same and that is we are Addicts. We did not ask to be but now we are a big close group on here and at our meetings..Stay Strong Girl do not take things to Heart if it up sets you..OK WE DO CARE!!!!
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Oh I'm not talking about mh clicks...lol. IRL.
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