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90 days clean today

90 days clean today. I have been sleeping amazing for two months now. Honestly that first month was pretty low energy but I am feeling good now adays. Honestly weed helped a ton within getting off the pain pills. I am now 1 month clean of pot as well. So stone cold sober minus some caffeine. I am happier, less moody, sleep so much better, way less lazy.. countless things have changed for the better. I know those first few days feel like time is dragging and when you hear people say give it a week or a month it sounds like they are telling you its going to take a lifetime. Times going to keep moving no matter what you are doing. If you have made it through the first days of this you can make it through the rest. It really does get easier and thats no bs. I was eating up to 20- 10mg norcos a day, and blowing through 150 tramadol in a week, on the days I would be short or whatever I would take whatever I could get my hands on. sprinkly 40-60 mg of adderal on 20 of the 30 days a month and toss in about 2/3 fifths of booze a week as well. also three redbulls a day.  As I type this I am thinking god damn.
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