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American Idol / Dancing with the stars...lol

What the heck is going on?  Has America lost it's mind.  First Monday, can you believe that Little Kim got the Boot !!!  what the heyy????  Yes, I watch that stupid show.  Would never have admitted it if Kim didn't get the boot.

Then American Idol.........Chris? Chris?......ok, I liked him, but Allison was awesome!  Kick *** B.......damm she rocked it ........What is America thinking.  I am so mad !!!!!

Sorry for the stupid post.......lol.  Need to public vent !!!  ahhhhhhhhhhh  I feel good !

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i was mad last night too!! Allison should NOT have gone home last night, KRIS should have! Allison's duet with Adam was soooooooo awesome! that was one of the best performances of the entire season! Kris suckkked Tues night, i cant believe he didnt go home!  Allison will end up doing fine though I think, she has mega talent and she's only 17 yrs old too.

I hope Adam wins it all now...
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I'm glad I don't watch that stuff...it would drive me nuts

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Yes, be thankful......lol.  

Trouble......lol.  I agree, that "Slow Ride" duet was smoooookin hot ~~~and I love the song to.  I saw Foghat in concert.......hmmm ....that gives away some age here...lol.  But, in reality I think it's better to get exposure and if you got it.....u will make it.  There is an Idol curse.......I don't think any Idol winner has ever really achieved true success?  I don't remember.......

Still mad about Little Kim getting booted.......good reason to stop "dancing with the stars".......I really can't believe I even watch it.......

I do need to get a life.........:-))

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Take that back........Kelly Clarkston !!!   duh.....?........Love her!
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carrie underwood is having an awesome career since idol...winning mega awards in the country music industry.
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yep lizzie i was gonna say Carrie Underwood is probably the most successful Idol by far. She has a huge career now!   I like David Cook too but he needs more time to launch yet I think (btw did you know his brother died last weekend from that brain cancer he had? I was so sad to hear that news. his bro was at many Idol performances last year watching David )

  Also I think Chris Daughtry is doing pretty well now too.
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OmG!!  I totally forgot about Carrie Underwood?.....geez.  I have my head up my butt.  I love Carrie...she's good.  Not a big country fan, but I like her too.......

uhhh Nevermind....:-))
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not a lot on TV last night and I thought it was 10PM so I clicked over to the channel to watch the early news, which also broadacasts AI...I started to watch it..what the heck...I
couldn't stand it...turned off the TV and went on facebook.

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