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Been a while...

So I have not been to this site for quite a while... When I first joined I was scared and had no one to talk too ...I was facing criminal charges for calling in my own prescriptions ... Now it's been 2 years and in drug court and have been clean ever since.. All I have to say is this web site was truly a life saver for me...i would have never though my life could go back to somewhat "normal" :)
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awesome for you!!    great job and nice to meet you
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Welcome back!!!  Nice to see a happy update from you!  How is drug court going?
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I'm so happy for you honey! I knew you'd be great! How are the kiddos?
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I remember you . So nice to see fellow members comeback and still doing well . Best to you ..Jimmy
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Thanks guys.. Sara drug court going good I should be graduating sometime this year...kids are good they finally got their mom back life still crazy as usual but now I have a new appreciation for it..jimmy I remember u too.. Glad to see u still here
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Hi, I'm new here. (94 days) - Thanks so much for coming back and telling your story, What an inspiration! Best of luck on your 'graduation' -- congrats on all that hard-won clean time! All good things to you & yours.
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Well that was a great post and a wonderful inspiration...Good Job!!!!
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