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Beware of HENNA tatoos

I have let nieces and grands get henna tats many times over the yrs...NEVER AGAIN....My youngest grand was recently on vacation in St.Louis...His Mom (my Daughter in law) and her Mom and Dad let my grand (5 yrs old) get a henna tat...When they got home I saw it and thought it looked weird...all henna tats that I have saw are a brown-orange color...his was a jet black...well 2 wks after getting tat it was still there...and he told his dad (my son) that his tat hurt...my son felt of it, it was HOT and raised...well after going on net and drs visit we have learned sooooo much...My grand may have a scar for life .the department of health has been contacted in the state and county where he got it...may have life long problems from the dye used. All the warnings on the net are scary..Son and Daughter in law had to get a lawyer to get this place shut down...Grand has another dr appt this coming wk...Dr want to send him to a dermatologist if the redness and swelling are still present...and they are...Grands Dr had never seen this before...had to do some research on it....Just be careful when letting your grands and kids get tats...All my grands love to get tats...I will think long and hard before letting one of mine get a tat again...
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Thanks for the warning, I was in Hawaii once and there was a woman who was doing henna tattoos and she also warned me saying if you ever see someone doing henna tattoos using black dye DO NOT get it. She was really serious about it, it was almost scary. I hope things turn out okay with your grandson, all the little kids in my summer camp come back from vacations with a million little tattoos too lol they love those things.
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I hope he is going to be okay and there wont be any permanent damage.  Glad to hear they are going to do something about getting this place shut down.  Keep us posted      sara
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