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Big Pharma--Does it surprise you?

The article says it all....:(

Here's the heading:

Big Pharma's Brazen Crusade to Push Pills on Little Kids

Drug giants spend billions a year promoting their pills to children. Johnson & Johnson even advertises its latest anti-psychotic on Legos, ignoring evidence that the drug causes early diabetes,  wild weight gain and breast milk in both boys and girls.

Copy and paste link to your address bar for, as Paul Harvey would say "the rest of the story"..

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I saw this and it's just disgusting to me!  Big Pharma controls our lives AND our deaths!
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No Kidding Vicki..It is disgusting...When I was in the elementary school realm with my kids, it seems to me at least 40% were on something from what I picked up in conversation in the mornings walking my kids to class and interacting with other parents ..Attention deficit disorder, anti depressant,,something...

I believe this article is just the tip of an iceburg thats been floating around for quite some time. At least someone is finally taking notice..From a moral and legal aspect...
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It used to be that you couldn't even give a kid a diagnosis until 16 or 18!  Now,they're on meds by the time they're potty trained it seems!

I'll tell you...there was a little kid I worked with in a school and he was a fun kid and very "busy" all the time It was so hard for him to sit quietly and do work. His parents wanted him on meds...not their fault. We asked the kid one day what HE thought would keep him calm and help during quiet times...He said if he had some gum it would help a lot!!   And that was his medicine!!  A pack of gum.  It's not always that simple but it's great when it is!!

I'm not liking this new "not enough chemo" either. That's just sick!!  Since when??? Since people started getting well...Big Pharma likes to keep them sick!  Ever wonder WHY there's no cure for cancer?  Big Pharma doesn't want it and being that they're sleeping with the government, researchers don't get grants/money/support!!!

Now you've got me going...I need to calm down!!
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Here,,,copy and paste this :):)

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I see nothing that surprises me.    I've often posted that the biggest drug pushers are not found on dark desolate urban street corners.    They are the giant pharamaceutical companies who send out a stampede of sales reps going from doctor office to doctor office flooding them with samples.    It doesn't end there.    They spend a fortune on TV and media print ads asking you to ask your doctor about the drug they want to sell you.      The FDA and pharmaceutical companies must be in bed together.      
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Big Pharma has it's grubby little hands all over this web site...

The FDA and The pharm companies are definitely in bed together. It's unbelievable the amount of time it takes to get a drug that can help people approved!!    Decades!!

Thanks Dave!  LOL
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It's amazing how this topic thread was moved to this forum from the more active addiction forum as if site owners were nervous that their sponsors would be upset.  
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Hi Rich -

No, we moved it to the Social side as it isn't directly related to addiction.  

I hope that helps clarify things.

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Thank you for your reply but I respectfully disagree.    Doctors today seem to be practicing on 'automatic pilot' by over-prescribing drugs which in turn does lead to many people's 'addiction' problems.        And the enormous sums spent by the big pharmaceutical companies to advertise their product in the media,  these ads are directed to individuals who cannot even buy these drugs by themselves.       The FDA should make it mandatory that these ads also say 'addiction' is a serious problem and not just that dependency could be an issue.       Those addicted to these drugs need to know how the 'system' works.     When Ambien first came out around 1990 or so,   that company all but announced that this pill is not addicting.     Well I guess they must have said,  ooops,  we were wrong about that but the executives and shareholders proclaimed damn it's a big seller for us.      That's why those addicted need to read this.
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This is a problem that cannot be solved in the near future. As long as governments the world over kowtow to the big money, we willnever stop the actions of big business. It is not only the pharmaceutical companies that are preying on the public purse, it is big business in general. One of the biggest problems is the lobbyists who are paid handsomely to push politicians etc. to turn the other way. Almost evety drug that is constantly advertised alsohas a death warning.
Without proper testing many people will die from these drugs and the companies will not shed a single tear as they walk to the bank. They should be ordered to find other drugs that do not cause fatalities. Drugs are needed to combat the side effects and more drugs to combat the side effects of the side effects etc. etc. etc. It is almost certain that many of the side effects of some drugs are placed there purposely to gain more money. When you think of the CEOs of the big companies giving themselves millions of dollars in bonuses you can well understand why they don't give a damn about the people with health problems. Health problems are a big money maker for these bcompanies. In a related scenario look at companies that put out products for diabetics. You pay twice as much for half as much in candies and other needed products as the regular products. WHY??? The big business idea is, "Get as much as you can from those who are suffering health issues. They have to pay it because we have them by the throats."
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Hi Rich -

We aren't disagreeing with your opinions and thoughts, just that the Substance Abuse forum is for direct issues about addiction - withdrawal, relapse, detox, treatment, etc.  Policy and "big pharma" issues are more appropriate on the Social side.

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I understand that the pharmaceutical co's and "Big Business" can be difficult to get around and that there are many situations where prescription drugs may be necessary however I do have the right to look for other options.  There are many places to find good information on how to manage pain as well as live healthier lives.  I know lots of folks that want the quick fix instead of putting in the effort to make lifestyle changes that benefit their health.  In certain areas of my life I am one of those people.  However I recognize that is my choice.  I like what you said about the labels on ads.  Whenever I get a script it comes with a big pamphlet that explains side effects.  Sometimes I read it. Sometimes I don't.  In the end I still have to weigh my options and make a decision as to what I put in my body.  Cigarettes have had warning labels on them for years.  It didn't stop me from picking up a pack and it certainly  didn't influence my decision to stop.

I read the article mentioned above and I agree that what the pharma's are doing isn't right.  It is still my responsibilty to choose a dr. wisely and examine all options before surrendering to the will of "Big Business".
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