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i JUST noticed the top prize award thing. no disrespect, but sometime i just react, and missed the name of this award! Recognition is important to all not just the addicted communities of our world. Maslow's scale of human needs,higher needs lower needs. check it out. that is not what i would like to say or ask . when i saw this award  my first instinct or thought was 'ey (Canadian ey?)"ey I would like to get that" wow hold on for me EGO'S WHERE I GO. SERIOUS. i have to ask this question or these question to MYself because no one else may. I have to confront myself because no one else will or may not be there. It seems so simple to MEEEE. because, and i will repeat WE my FAmily has LOST  4 children to this disease!!! IF one has not lost a LOVED one then you cannot relate or you may. This needs to be repeated. HOw many times have you or i been told "this or that" and still done the same thing?? STILL DO!! Who is sneaking this pill or that?? Answer to yourself then someone else. THen please tell someone, SOMEONE you trust. I do not want an award. please do not put a buckethead1959 in this column, but congrats to those who have gotten it!! This kid needs to and CAN pat himself on the back. Tbay, NO His is forme more than yu! Selfishly buckethead1959 great days all of us!! going to the water, the lake side in Canada!! I am 75% water they say. Who are they anyway EY!!!
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What are you talking about? Your post is very difficult to read and understand.
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If I understand you correctly....you are referring to the box on the right hand side of the forum page that lists "Top Addiction Answerers", right?

Did you happen to look at the bottom of that box where it says "Learn about top answerers"??  Here's what that says:


Please take the time to read it.....I think you will totally change your "take" on this if you simply read what it MEANS.  It isn't an AWARD.....none of us are better than any others.......but there ARE people who take time to pay it forward and help and comment and others who don't.

Hopefully, by reading and familiarizing yourself with the yellow stars and the top answerers (which rotate, btw, and never stay the same)....you will gain some understanding.
I have learned one BIG thing in recovery....the more I reach out and help someone else....the more it helps me.
I hope you make the same discovery~
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Thanks, Wiki.  I had actually never read this before.  It's good to know.
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CIK...Thanks for interpreting!!
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Now I understand this post, CIK can read the most abstract poetry. She's right, I had to read that link early on. I think it's a good thing, so many people pass through, all kinds of people. We've even had a few try to work us up believing they were suicidal and weren't and some have tried to push drugs here. You will never see those people in that box and I am thankful for that.

"He who is the least among you is the greatest."-My man JC
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Well I don't know where I'd be if u people did not answer my post. I have no idea what this thread is about but I doin my best to check and speak up.
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We is not to be taken entirely literal. Do not take personal or please don't personalize means what it says . It is interesting though what gets a response! I have to ask myself these questions, if others do or not, i change me, only. I have also realized that i asked "can anyone relate to this?" just a question! Man i am naive some time, maybe that is not the word. for someone to suggest on this format or anywhere they may kill themselves. this cannot be ignored. I AM Stable though myself. I do realize being new to these or this format can be an issue.
Now here is another one I just had or have. A friend passed by, i am on a computer in the public library. He is still playing with himself and Other drugs drugs! The whole dope fiend<please excuse this expression! the line between help and hurt, My sobriety (methadone excluded 25mls) comes first. Long and short. I am not an addictions person! i am an addict and get torn. I did want to stop and talk with him. We have a good friend ship? i must be careful. This is all for the open format. i am talking to yu's  and myself and related this as it happened. we myself have to spend so much time on the computer! Balance, is what a person said the other day, all in balance. i am getting well, recovering what ever i want to call it. My goal is to be a better Person All around. The Lake was fogged over this morning. Wowed me! the sound of the seagulls, the song birds. the sail boats in the mist, water lapping at the shore. NO beaver this morning. that i could SEE! he (she) sorry Ladies! the little bugger was there some where! Urban Beaver. this (Nature/Animals)has been a childhood passion or love or both. Hope it is ok to share. to much! i finished fishing the other day. I tossed the worm in the water. I was not taking this creature in my pack.For some reason when i tossed it and watched it float to the bottom. I thought about HOPE! it had no fins or way to swim and had to sink to the bottom= no hope of staying alive. Just a worm. But i We do have hope! Of course i must have been thinking of people and how tough life can be. 10:16 am and have to go do some things! have a great day all of yu. or those few who are there. Talking to the masses we are! smile. r m
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hello no time now so have a God Given GOOD DAY!! I am concerned at times, about those who do not believe in a god. The GOOD one! the evil one has much power also. THe world is or MY world is balance for the Good. People live and for the most part do not hurt each other intentionally. Now drug dealers and the like, What god do they look to or follow? Man they go to church and sit by us, me, i am sure! this has to be true. My judgments, have been wrong in the past and they always will be! i have made the mistake of trusting people to Quick. To find out later they were truly evil. As i taper off of the methadone. I sure do see clearer. My instinct are better, how i see the world is more real in many ways. most for the Good, because that is where i choose to look for the Good! i read this once an equation.GOOD MINUS AN O=GOD>DEVIL MINUS THE D=EVIL We are left with a d and o, do. DO GOOD OR EVIL. SIMPLE. KEEP IT SIMPLE  
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It is SO GREAT that as you taper off the methadone that you are seeing things clearer!  The clarity will only get better :)

Thank you for sharing the "Good minus an O" thought with us.  I had never heard that before....and I just LOVE it!!

Simple doesn't mean easy.....but the hard work is SO WORTH IT!!
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Yep, That is what it is all about..Balancing out Spiritually, Physically and Mentally all in one..Surrender to your God and he will bring in some Blessing..We may have some Bumps in the road on the way..But we must trust and know it all happens for reasons that are beyond our power..Take the BAD and turn it around for the Good..
There is usually 2 sides
On & On & On

Have a very Good Life!
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so simple! Is it?
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