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***Calling All Sports Fans***

Okay guys........Back in 78 or 79 when the Dodgers and Yankees fought it out in the play-offs for the World Series that is when I became a fan.  I had never watched baseball before.  The Dodgers are our home team.  My father was a Dodger fan and I remember him screaming through the house.  I decided to go see what is was all about, and from there it was history.  Like you, baresneaker........in watching my dada's excitement, of course I had to stir it up a little.....lol.  So, I became the Yankee Fan !!!  


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Steelers fan...had to root against dad in the 70's...LOVE the Steelers!  Hate all other NFL teams!

Baseball...Giants fan...Hate the Dodgers (Giants the local team, A's are ok too)

Hockey fan in general, GO SHARKS!  it's our year...also thelocal team...

Don't give a rip about bball
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At the moment four bad teams, one not so bad  and good one. The Toronto Maple Leafs, The Raptors, The Toronto Argonauts, And the Toronto Blue Jays. Not so bad- Green bay Packers . Good one- Pittsburgh Steelers....... Born in Toronto, liked Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers. Green Bay -Really don't know why.
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Yeah, I'm wondering why people are attracted to certain players?......My favorite is Derek Jeter........need we ask why?..but, with guys.....they pick certain players, not for the reason women do......??.....I wonder.....lol
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I always liked Jack Lambert of the Steelers because he was mean and crazy...he also once said that QB's should wear tutu's...

I'm as nice as can be in life, but put me on the hockey rink...you don't know me then!
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I did have the chance to drink a brew and say that i did it with Joe Namath at Bachelors Three in NYC...... that would have been about 1968 - they got night lighting shortly thereafter.......
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Back in the early 90's, I was dating the daughter of a HUGE memorabilia collector in Atlanta. This was during the big sports card craze of the 90's. Anyway, when the National Sports Collector's Show came to Atlanta, I was in charge of getting the players coming to sign autographs to the Georgia World Congress Center. So, I got some very cool stories about a ton of great Baseball players. I drove Steve Carlton to the airport in the Camaro I had at the time, got drunk with Eddie Matthews in the Omni Hotel bar, met Pete Rose (a real ***), Whitey Ford, Willie Mays, Al Kaline, Bob Feller, Mickey Mantle, Phil Niekro, Warren Spahn, Gaylord Perry, Frank Robinson, and Buzz Aldrin (I know he's an astronaut, but he was there). I've still got some cool signed stuff somewhere.
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Wow.....that sounds really cool.   I also met Pete Rose, and your exactly right...I have another word for him, but even though he is a   He still deserved his spot in the Hall of Fame......oiy!!

I love Jose Conseco sp?........I'm glad he wrote the book and blew the whistle !!!  That took gutz.......Although his life is horrible for doing it.......I think he is the BOmB !!!  He also got hosed.  But, they are still doing steroids and they always will.  We all know it.  What goes around comes around and Jose will get his day.......

I have a crapload of baseball cards.....after the OJ thing ..I called a shop and asked what they would give me for my Simpson cards and they all said......not even a penny!!!   I was like .......WOW......that was interesting.............
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Naughty, did OJ play baseball?

Better watch out he will come to your house with a gun to get them with some of his buddies!!
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God I really dont even want to admit what team I like........lets just say I was a baseball fan while in little league and loved Bo Jackson, then I found out he played football too.  Well who was he playing for.......the Raiders!!  Yea yea here come the jokes......But yes I am a Raider fan ever since I knew what football was!  *Hangs head in shame*  

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LOL..........I have baseball and football card collection.......hahahhaa......Oops..:-))

Don't make me..........U know.......lol.   Good catch........

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My love of sports came from my Dad.  When he and my Mom divorced, for years every other weekend I would go to his house and we would always go to a Lions game, a Tigers game, or a Red Wing game.  I cherish those memories of that time spent with him.
He was a big gambler on sports though, and I can remember him getting pulled out of bowling alleys by 4 big guys, or the bookies coming to our house to collect, um ok, not so good a thought.
Anywhoooo, the Lions su cked a ss back then too!  And I got hit in the head with a line drive by Kirk Gibson when he played for the Tigers.  He signed the ball that I still have, and gave us tickets to the next night's game and we sat in the upper deck right behind him in right field.  Oh how I miss listening to Ernie Harwell and George Kell broadcast the games!
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When I was young, my mother being a single mother would take me and my brothers to the Philadelphia Phillies games (during the 70s) because it was not expensive to do back then.  She'd get us tickets in the nosebleed section and we'd pack a lunch and bring a large thermos with lemonade or something to drink.  We always had a blast.  My brothers would wait outside the gate to get autographs from the players.  We would watch players like Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, Greg Luzinski, Maddox, Tug McGraw and others come out.  It was such a wonderful time.  That's when I got into watching baseball.  Later on, one of my brothers got me into Ice Hockey and I fell in love with the Flyers.  I also enjoy all the other Philadelphia teams - was sad the Eagles lost yesterday.  Some of my other favorite teams are/were:  Denver Broncos, Utah Jazz, Chicago Bears.  Jim McMann was my favorite quarterback.  In basketball, Karl Malone, was my favorite and I think in baseball Tug McGraw was my favorite player.  I've also gotten into Nascar racing now too - my favorite racer is Ryan Newman and second is Jimmy Johnson.  Prior to that it was Rusty Wallace!  
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Go Red Wings!  <------------------- the only team that matters!  :o)
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