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**Calling All Suboxone Users!!!!***

Hello Everyone.  I am posting this for a friend here that is really struggling.  She is thinking of trying Sub. as a last resort.  She is asking my advice, but I have never used it.  I guess what I am asking is if you can share your experience with suboxone.  Whether you are on sub or not.....would you recommend it to others.

Thank you very much!

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Only as a very last resort and it depends on what drug she is trying to quit.
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Nauty - I had a negative experience with suboxone.  When I was on it, I loved it and recommended it to EVERYONE.  Now off it and having had endured a *months* long withdrawal form it, I rarely recommend it to anyone.  

That being said, it woudl definitely depend on the extremity of her addiction as well as her goals.  Is she looking for an easy way to w/draw? If thats what its all about then tell her sub withdrawal *can* be one of the worst (was for me!)..

Also, there is a doc in the Health Pages titled "Members Experiences Coming Off Suboxone" its a compliation that Avis put together.. It pretty much sums up what most people who have been on and have gotten off of suboxone feel.
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She is struggling with a Vic addiction.  has tapered to 7 per day and is just not doing well....I personally dont' think she should  because her addiction is under 200mgs per day........I can't speak for sub users, or anyone's addiction.  She already tapered down from 20 per day....

She is considering it, and I would like to get sub users experiences so she can read them....If you.......the sub user could do it over--would you ? and would you recommend it, is what i am asking....i think.......

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Thank you for your post.  and thanks for referring me to the pages.  2 years I have been here and I didn't know that was there.....lol.  I will definitely send her over to the health pages.....

thanks again,
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Did years of heavy Oc.  Only did Sub for one month.  Now am still fighting it all after 7-8 months.  Not really sure if its the Sub for a month or the years of Oc use that has still got its grip on me.  Maybe a combination of the two.  However, if I had to do all over again, I think I would pass on the Sub and just get it done.   That month I spent on Sub only gave me false hope that the hard part was over, then when it hit I was not really as prepared for it as I was in the beginning.  I had really geared up to stop the Oc and had my mind right.  Then after the month of Sub, I thought all would be easy,  Wrong, Wrong.
I had not found this site at that time so I had no knowledge of the Sub Slap.  
Hope your friend finds freedom soon whichever route taken.  It can be done.  
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I can say 100% I would NEVER EVER do it again if given the opportunity to go back.  

Although I've heard of people using tiny amounts of sub for 5-7 days of detox to relieve some of the w/drawal.. problem is, traditionally doctors will start you at a huge dose (16+MGS) and want you on for a long time..

Detox centers use it in small amounts during the first week of detox though and Ive known people who have used it in that way -- teeeny tiny bit for a few days -- who had a more positive experience than myself.

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