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Car Insurance

My son was recently in a car accident. He is ok but so far has missed 6 days of work and will not be cleared for work by the doc for at least another week, The driver of the car was insured- but he was arrested at the scene for DUI. My question is, can we expect the driver's insurance co to cover my son's medical expenses and lost wages?
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No. Your insurance will hopefully. PIP (personal injury protection) kicks in immediately. Then your insurance goes after them for coverage. At least that's how it works here.
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Generally you have to pursue a civil suit for damages relating to injury/ loss of wages or potential wages (outside of PIP coverage).

However, if it's under the state maximum for small claims court, it's a VERY easy process. With medical bills, a doctor's note, and a police record of the accident and the DUI report, you should win easily.

Frankly, if the person can afford it, they should settle out of court to save themselves a potentially bad losing case.
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