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Celebrating New Years Eve....sober

I've been through detox twice this year and will have 60 days sober on Christmas - yay!

That being said, I obviously don't have THAT much sobriety under my belt yet and don't want a day like New Years Eve to ruin the progress I've made. Buuut, having spent every New Years Eve I can remember drunk (or should I say blacked out), it's hard to think of ways to spend the night sober.

Anybody have any good travel or activity ideas? Both my boyfriend and I are recovering addicts and we're searching for ideas on how to spend this NYE....Any suggestions? :)
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          60 days sober I remember that.   I spent my new years eve at AA and NA  meetings and fellowshipping with other addicts and Alcoholics drinking tea and coke being you are in VA. you could go to the Smokey and Blue ridge mountains in NC good skiing this time of year ain't been much snow but they have made some if nothing else relax and enjoy the air there is a lot of places to stay some of my kin live there great trout fishing and mountain climbing there s a few bears but only black bears they wont brother ya.   Congratulations on 60 days.   Hang in there.
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Oh my gosh there are a TON of things to do on New Year's sober.

Homebody?  Order a movie, stay at home and make a nice dinner for yourselves.  Love to go out?  See a movie or go to a show - or does your town do a New Year's Eve family celebration?  Ours does and you can be around others who are sober and enjoying the night for real - not some lost night that won't be remembered the next day (yuck those are the worst).  Or find a shelter that needs some help and serve food for the evening.  Or visit family (sober members of your family of course) and spend the night with them.  Believe me, all you have to do is check your town's local flyers and you'll find a ton of ideas.  New Year's Eve does NOT have to mean a night of getting so trashed you can't remember what you've done.

I mean think about it - how WONDERFUL will it be to ring in the new year as a new you?  Both you and your boyfriend.  Those are the best.  And then New Year's Day, you either go out for brunch or stay in and make the best breakfast of your lives and then enjoy a lazy day at home.  THOSE will be your best memories ever.

And lastly - FEEL PROUD - you deserve it.  :)
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HI ....hey ask around now at the local N/A and A/A meetings they throw some wild partys at the ones out her only difference nobody gets a DUI or killed in a reck and you dont wake up with a hangover start looking and asking now you shouldent have a problem finding a place to go and you will be amased at how goos a timer you can have sober good luck and God bless.......Gnarly
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Since gettin sobered up I've spent New Years sleeping, babysitting, hanging at home and at AA mtgs.  Some good suggestions up above.  Pick one and have a Good time.  Congrats on the 60 days!!!!!
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