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Challenge... find a new anthem song.

I know some of us need a distraction at times so here is a running challenge to occupy us.

Good, positive music can help our souls and lift our spirits. So lets find some anthems. Songs that can lift our spirits, just feel happy, and/or inspire us. Get on Pandora, yahoo music, or any other service and search for ones to share.

When you find one, list it here with the artist name and what you like about it. Any and all genres are welcome and you can post more than one.

I have to go to work and sit in meetings most of today but will check in and contribute when I can.
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I'm listening to UB 40.
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Alanis Morissette: Guardian
Brad: Screen
Justin Timberlke: TKO
B.o.B: Bombs Away
T.I. Wonderful Life .
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5)A Little Bit Stronger- Sara Evans
4)CHI (Need To Know) - Angel Haze
3)The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
2)The Fray - How to save a life (lyrics)
1)Rodney Atkins "If you're going through hell"

*Miley Cirus the climb
TI memories back then
Marie Digby Voice On The Radio
Brad Paisley - She's Everything
Hello My Name Is Matthew West
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2 am breathe
Chris renee Young Homie
Imagine Dragons Demons
Avacii Wake me up
Kelly Clarkson Breakaway
Eminem Not Afraid
My first day by rapper haystack
Brad Paisley - Whiskey Lullaby
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Don't laugh but old Maria Maria by Santana.  
Julio Igelious & Pit Bull " I like it". Both great videos on you tube.
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Victory by Patti Smith.
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Eminem - "Not Afraid"
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Get the Rocky IV soundtrack..it really has some great stuff on it...

"No easy way out"
"Hearts on fire"

Great instrumentals and etc...

Movie wasn't that great as far as Rockies go but the soundtrack is top shelf for working out and staying motivated..
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Foo fighters - basically anything of there's - helped me get my mind off those pills
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Grateful Dead, live show,

Inspiration- "Terrapin Station."
Sobriety "Wharf Rat"
Fun "Shakedown Street"
Empathy "Ripple"
Endurance "The Wheel"

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I did alot of AC/DC....Rocky....Journey.....Talking Heads.....stayed away from thrash metal. I remember putting in my ear buds and playing Marilyn Manson and thinking, wow, thats going to make me sicker....it was putting me in a very dark place!!!
Oh yeah, Outkast....Lonely Island Crew.....so i could laugh too. My daughter got me a bunch of comedian shows that really helped as well.
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Btw... sorry for the typos. In a hurry getting ready for work. *seeing Garth in concert*
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Ok...here's my first contribution. It's Prizefighter by Trisha Yearwood and Kelly Clarkson. I recently got to go see Garth & Trisha in concer. See Garth live has long been on my bucket list but could never go when my husband was alive because of his illness and no money. I've always thought Trisha is "okay" but Garth is my passion and it was an amazing experience.  It was a new Trisha song called Prizefighter that caught my attention and I think it can speak to many of us fighting this demon...but it has an up tempo and I can belt it out in the car.  Here's the chorus:

When you hit the ground, you find your wings
You go one more round when that bell rings
They say you’re done, but here you come
You’re a hammer hittin’, spittin’ fire, PrizeFighter
When you’re sweating from the fear, you look it the eye
Turn the sound of defeat into your battle cry
Stakes are down, you’re outta luck
Look at you, smiling with a shiner, standing higher
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