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Chantix(Varenicline) or Zyban(bupropion) to quit smoking?

Anyone have any experience with taking Chantix(Varenicline) or Zyban(bupropion) to quit smoking?
From what I've read it seems Zyban works better and Chantix is a fairly new drug for it. Varenicline is a partial antagonist of the niACH receptor and Bupropion is an antidepressant that acts as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, and nicotinic antagonist. Sounds similar in that they dumb/prevent the pleasure of smoking. Seems to me thought that the Bupr. sounds like it would work better since Varen. is only a partial nicotinic antagonist plus Bupr. being an antidepressent helps with the depressive moods associated with quitting.

So the Question: Anyone had experience with both or either or knew someone that has stories about it? Whats prescribed commonly? What side effects and or pros and cons for each did you experience?
Isnt a full nicotinic antagonist better than a partial? And why did they leave out the dopamine reuptake inhibitor?
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I actually did the Chantix - I was a smoker for over 25 years - up to about 2 packs/day at the end.  I never thought  I would quit, but my quit date was 6/15 - my first couple of days without cigarettes I was a real B**ch to deal with, but I got through it.  The hardest part is being around other smokers & figuring out what to do during the times I normally smoked - sitting in traffic, after a meal, etc.  I bought a big bad of Dum Dum suckers and would chew the sticks into paper, but I made it through.  I've bummed a few since then, but really have no desire to start again.  

One of the best parts of the Chantix is that it comes with a year of online support & phone support, etc.
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I am taking chanitx at the present time. After taking them a few days it made ciggs taste bad, then I quit buying packs I haven't bought a pack in five weeks sometimes i;ll buma cigg from a coworker but it really dosen't do it for me anymore. Now if liquor or opiates were in the mix ciggs would taste very good reguardless of the chantix (I bet) they always tasted good while under the influence. But
I haven't been doing the pills and I don't drink so,,, I was just speculating. I have heard nothing but good things about chantix from ppl who have tried it. Its excellent for quitting smoking.
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