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Computer Thread?

I'm curious. How many of you out there are computer literate?

I ask partly because I've been trying to wrap my brain around a "phenomena" that is a HUGE minor computer problem. Apparently it's very common, but the solution varies and can require creativity. I've been chatting on and off with some of the folks on the Microsoft tech forum site and it's driving them just as crazy as it is me. (I don't want to go into it in detail unless anyone here is interested).

It's something your computer can work without...but without it your computer isn't "being all it can be".

I'm also wondering how other people handle their computer problems nowadays? Do you have nice cushy extended warranties? Or do you rely on prayer? Perhaps you bang it repeatedly until it works out of fear? Or plain old superstition? (throw some salt over your keyboard! Quick!) :)

I get the impression that computer literacy is much lower than it was 15 years ago. users seem to have very little comprehension of how their machines work.
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I prefer the salt method but if that fails I have a number for tech support at Costco where I got my laptop. I know how frustrating it is!!
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I don't have a clue...unfortunately, and I'm having computer problems now....I rely on friends, my husband, or my husband's buddy....other than that, it's begging the thing'll work ...and that's not cutting it right now..
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You mean anointing with oil hurts it? Hmm

I am fairly computer literate. Tell me your woes so I can show you how illiterate I am.
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Geek Squad.......
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We jump over ours back and forth. Our computer is also married to my sister, so he helps us out alot LOL...
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If you came to my house you would swear we are a computer outlet store. I have computers and parts both new, current and legacy (old as far back as from the early 80's). The bad part is I infected my sons with the computer bug and they would bring wounded computers home, anyone need a 5 1/4" floppy drive? LOL
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We must have about 5 or 6 here. All networked together. 4 printers etc..
51/4 drives are almost antique, maybe try Ebay? LOL
I have a couple of really LARGE hard drives 40megs each, but the cases are large.
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noyt a *jv klue)/#* her$^e..
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Yeah, I text like that too.
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Our 20 year old son maintains our computer's. Computer illiterate would be I...
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floppy who?? I am computer "challenged" per my little darling children!!!!!  
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Children don't count, they come out of the womb speaking computereze. :)
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GTMI boy do you have that right.....
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I can usually fix my computer problems, never had to call anyone. I did go to school for computers, but that was 30 years ago...lol....Things have changed alot.  So when I do have a problem, I'm just guessing at stuff.  
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Magi fixes mine.
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Hey Vic...I am still awaiting my headphones....LMAO
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Heh heh...okay, well, it's nice to see we all share the same support network for addiction AND computers (prayer...friends...knowledge??? No way! :)  )

For you near guru's out there;

You know the 6TO4 and ISATAP  network adaptor card drivers? I'm getting the Mt_vCnfgErr31 (can't find the exact lettering, may be off) when it tries to load the tunnel.sys drivers for it.

As far as I know it's always been like this. You try to search for working drivers, it tells you you've got the most recent update. Apparently it's a common problem as others have been dealing with it.

here's the funny thing, the computers usually  work fine despite this (although the experience index is capping out at 3.3 on graphics, while everything else is in the 4's. I was hoping a solution might boost graphics efficiency).

I know one guy who got them to report green instead of yellow caution or red failure, but it involved loading, unloading, removing etc...the drivers in a bizarre way which suggests it's a false "green" to me.

I was wondering if this is actually a specific network adaptor device that's supposed to hook in with other computers. (I recall from the old days that there are drivers that won't load unless working in tandem with another via a link).

Calls to Microsoft tech help have, of course, been not helpful (they don't have a friggin' clue, are aware of the error but state if the computer works, don't worry.) :)

It drives me crazy! Anyone have any idea what the deal is? I'd rather not go hunting on specialty sites for old drivers unless I know it'll fix the problem, as that's VERY irritating.
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Can't really help you with this one. What operating system are you using? I did a quick search and it looks like the 6TO4 driver is a problem for a lot of people, especially if you are using Vista
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Well just like with addiction we need to know how long you've been using etc..Lmao
What OS are you using?
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~5m lines of source code for windows. it's a wonder it works at all. ;-)
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I picked up a nice user friendly British laptop not too long ago - I don't think one peripheral that I run was compatible with Vista! I know this isnt exactly what you are talking about.....but wtf? Microsoft doesnt have a vested interest in selling new cannon scanners or hp printers do they?
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Yeah, it does seem to be a vista problem, which I am using (got to get to a VA meeting! (Vista Anonymous!)

What I'd really like to know is should I bother pursuing it. I've lived with it for almost two years (I was out of practice when I got the system, and only recently have bothered joining the 21st century and the "new computer/ Internet age".  But "Bob" (my laptop) does run slower than he should...which is annoying.

(After years of learning Dos, windows 3.0+, pascal, etc...I don't really have the patience for keeping up to speed anymore and only do it when absolutely necessary).

I do miss the old days of actual real tech support and not some schmuck in india with a bad accent and a tech manual he doesn't understand let alone can pronounce the terminology. :)

Ah well. i'm going to dive back into the "oh so helpful internet" and spend five hours getting an answer i could have gotten in ten minutes with a free phone call 15 years ago.

Thank god they improved the internet and technology since then, things are SO much better than before!!! (Dripping sarcasm) :)
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Ah for those curious, I finally got back an answer on this. the 6TO4 and the ISATAP errors can be ignored. It's for use with WAN only, and designed with the concept in mind that you can upgrade from version IPv4 to version IPv6 infrastructure without costing an arm and a leg for the company.

in other words, it's a piece of lazy programming on microsoft's part.

Now...any of you Guru's having partition problems? I just finally got mine straightened out. i'm assuming the partition is just for restore point and file swapping/sharing (correct me if i'm wrong). For some reason "Bob" had nibbled away all available partition space over time. bad bob! no snacking on the side!

(If its like it was a decade ago, a full partition could slow your computer to about as fast as a pregnant water buffalo in spike heels on ice.)

And finally...I'm trying out ESET NOD32 Antivirus and I REALLY like it better than Norton. It's much faster and seems to slow my system less. Anyone else try it?
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