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Computer Thread?

I'm curious. How many of you out there are computer literate?

I ask partly because I've been trying to wrap my brain around a "phenomena" that is a HUGE minor computer problem. Apparently it's very common, but the solution varies and can require creativity. I've been chatting on and off with some of the folks on the Microsoft tech forum site and it's driving them just as crazy as it is me. (I don't want to go into it in detail unless anyone here is interested).

It's something your computer can work without...but without it your computer isn't "being all it can be".

I'm also wondering how other people handle their computer problems nowadays? Do you have nice cushy extended warranties? Or do you rely on prayer? Perhaps you bang it repeatedly until it works out of fear? Or plain old superstition? (throw some salt over your keyboard! Quick!) :)

I get the impression that computer literacy is much lower than it was 15 years ago. users seem to have very little comprehension of how their machines work.
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I have a Vista Computer from Sony.  A VAIO business notebook.  I have come seriously close to tossing out of my car window.  This was a $2,300 notebook I purchases at Comp USA, while they were liquidating their inventory.  Comp USA is out of business, or on the way.  Anyways, at least I got a "deal" on the puter, for $1,200, but it is far from a value, when anything you try to do ~ doesn't work.  The simplest functions such as connecting to a WIFI spot just won't work.  Or coming out of hibernation, and taking up to 20minutes before being able to use it, since so much scheit, is loading in the back ground.  
At this point, I would take XP pro, ANYDAY.  And wait for Vista to get fixed.  Personally, I do NOT think Vista will make it, and will end up just like Millennium Edition.  It will fade away in a dusty desert sunset.
Meanwhile Service Pack 1 for Vista, brought my computer crashing down, and I had to do a system restore, that also woundn't work, until going into safe mode, and carressing it into submission.  
So, I did get it back (no SP1) and have backed up EVERYThing, so when it happens again, I am going to erase Everything and then buy a copy of XP Pro, and then load drivers for it.  Sony won't come out and  admit Vista doesn't work on this computer,
a VGN-SZ460N/C -4gigs ram.
But, they quickly put drivers on their support site to support XP, and this my friend is full admission of a un-fixable problem.  

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What I know bout puters in learned from trial and error and I seem to be rather lucky repairing it myself until a couple weeks ago of course which is why I am chained to this desktop as my laptop got smashed and I have it in a friends shop right now getting a new case and whatever else was damaged replaced..... Mike Would have ordred the parts as I found them online but thought it much less stress and remorse to have someone else do the dirty work.......
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Cool, I'll check out the diskkeeper. The hardest thing about finding new software is cutting through the trojan horse junk that's just there to mess up your system.

i usually use consumer reports for this kind of thing, but I neglected to renew my subscription. :(

I just went through a huge nightmare with the recent set of vista updates. I left auto update on by accident and the recent update froze the whole bloody system. Of course, I had no back up or previous restore point (long story), as I was in the process of making big system changes and error checking (Murphy's Law).
I did manage to get it working again after two days, but I was sweating bullets the whole time.
The irony is the whole thing started when I upgraded my connection manager because of sudden slow internet speed. The upgrade conflicted with one of the updates...it turned out they were doing work in the area that was causing the slow down.

BUT, I got frustrated and skipped a few steps because I was impatient and ended up causing a two day nightmare (one phone call would have prevented the whole thing; "Hi, why is my internet running slow???") :)

This, is what is called a "gumption trap" in terms of the philosophy of quality. And I walked into it big time..
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Diskeeper did come out with a Vista version. IT works for 30 days, after which  you must purchase, or uninstall , else nag screens at boot time.
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OR memory
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Is the answer to this question...  "it's owner"?
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