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Day 10 Thanks Ga Guy

Today is day 10 and days are starting to go by a lot faster. Last night i took your advice and got a sponser at the na meeting...It was so easy cause eveyone is so nice. I can't believe so many people go out of there way to want and try and help,it's amazing. He picked me up this morning and took me out for coffee and everything. He was tellling me about a fishing trip this sat. alot of the guys are goiing on and invited me too. It feels like this was a big missing piece to my puzzel, and it also feels good to hang around people who don't use.
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It's always good to explore the options, and It's always good to have people like G-Guy who is passionate about his recovery and works for him.  I think its great that he shares his experiences with NA/AA with forum.

I think I can speak for him in saying that of the thousand who read here everyday, and choose whatever means fits them to get serious and get clean.  Knowing he was able to touch even 1 person makes it all worth the while......

Struggling......Congrats on finding a sponsor, and choosing a life free from substances!

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Good for you....you can't go wrong with GA Guy..I had the opportunity to meet several people from NA in November when my son was on life support...what wonderful people...many of whom were from a restaurant called "rosies diner" in Kennesaw or Acworth GA who took in my son and loved him like a brother...they are wonderful people..

if your ever in Acworth, look up Rosie's diner...please..they need the help

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Just saw this..sorry for the delay in answering. Congrats!! Sounds like you've made some good sober and clean friends. You're doing the right things. Do everything your sponsor says and you'll do well..Congrats again...
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