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Day 21 Off Hydro's (C/T)

Made it to day 21. Never thought I would get here. I have been very active, and actually stating having a good time again, like normal people (whatever that is) But it's nice. Putting back on my weight (I needed it) and my attitude has done a 360. I was also put on a antidepressant to help with some of the issues that were some of the root cause. Anyway, for all those who are just starting - I went though days of hell, but the fog does clear and clear skies make for a much better and brighter life. Have no pain, sleep is ok, not perfect..but not too bad either. I am no longer a hermit crab keeping to myself most of the time. I actually GO and do now. Amazing. Didn't think it was possible to be this happy, with out the pills. It's so much better than expected. I did for so long, 9 years I wasn't even sure I would know who I really was when I came out of the Fog (I like to call it) It can be done, you have to really want it, BAD. Relapses happen. Don't let them get you too down. I relapsed probably....countless before I changed my whole attitude, very significant. I'll check back again tomorrow and see how all are doing. It's been good here :)
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thank i for your post. it is inspiring. friday will be my quit day and your words will help guide me through the trials and misery of detox. congrats on your achievment. never look back.

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today I am 212 days clean from hydro...THANK GOD. And you are soooo right...the fog does lift...and life is so much better....

Way to go, hang in there...it keeps getting better....

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I am 3 years clean...  Life gets better every single day.  I feel better every single day.  Congrats!  
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