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Day 8 no methadone

I have been on methadone for 2 years. The first  6 months at 90mg, and then i began a slow taper, 5mg every other week until i reached 20 mg. At 20 mg i went down 2mg every week for 3 weeks, held the 4th week. At 20 mg i started displaying some very angry behaviors, snapping on everyone, a real b$##! I always felt a little sick to my stomach in the mornings, but nothing like the withdrawals from heroin where i would end up hospitalized. I got down to 4mg and jumped last Thursday. And here is my detox timeline.
Day 1  feel pretty normal, a little tossing and turning while sleeoing.
Day 2  feel a little achey, and my eyes and nose are runny, sneezing and chilled. Sleep 2 hours and then up for 4 hours, sleep 2 more
Day 3 first day i break down and take 800 mg ibprofren, peeing alot, alot if anxiety, feel stuck in my room. Time drags slowly. I drink alot of water. Loose bms and gurgling stomach that burns, no vomiting. No energy. Sleep 1.5 hours
Day 4 stomach hurts, loose bms. No energy. Lots of anxiety. Cold all the time. Sleep for 2 hours
Day 5 exhausted and irritable from no sleep, but feeling better. My eyes are light sensitive. I actually went to the lake with my family and felt normal. Still sneezing and having anxiety. Sleep 4 hours
Day 6 so pissed about not sleeping but i feel good enough for some stretching and yoga. Still feel anxious. Sleep for 6 hours
Day 7 went for a run. Still havin anxiety, but less often, eyes are very sensitive. My body feels slow moving and my muscles are tight im in good shape and stretching helps. I take tylenol pm and sleep 7 hours,
Day 8 went for a run and did yoga. Feeling anxiety about everything, dont want ti be social, but i go to the lake with family again. Sleep 6 hours

So am i through this yet?
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Day 9 sleep 6 hours last nightm wake uo feeling normal.
Day 10 i feel very normal most of the time. I am getting minimal sleep, which us hard, only 4 to 5 hours.
Keep pushing yourself...your doing very well so far.  Your getting up and pushing yourself everyday which is exactly what's needed to go through this!  It's going to take a little while, so no worries...your right on track!
Thanks. I am in day 15. Still only sleeping about 4 hours solid. I feel really clear and physically fit. Am flushing with lots of water, kombucha, taking b12, and eating healthy. I am just burning through the calories, dropping weight when i dont need to. I am buying some protein powder today, as well as some more homeopathic sleep aids with melatonin.
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