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Day 8 today and feelin' alot of anxiety still?

Hey guys,
I hope everyone is doin' well today... I'm feelin' alot of anxiety today for some reason.  Will this ever go away?

Luvs ya all,

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I'm on day 7 and I still feel like I got hit by a Mack truck, I'm feeling so hopeless like I'll never get my energy back
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what is the anxiety about? is that the feeling like you need a pill?
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Hi lil! and dsm

Day 9 was my worst day anxiety wise but it will pass.  You could be feeling a lot better tomorrow.  The energy comes back too.  Are you guys eating?  What about vitamins.  Remember your poor bodies are going through so much right now.  Need to do everything you can to help the process.


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It is a generalized feeling of anxiety - where things do not seem quite right.  Also, depression.  Your brain is adapting to being without the pills (opiates) and has to start producing natural opiates again.  So you feel raw.  It takes some time for this to start happening.  Everyday can be diiferent too.  I know it was for me.  One day I would feel ok and then the next feeling poorly.  The feelings do pass though and talking it out helps a lot.  I tried to keep my social activity to a minimum during this time.  I hung out here a lot - it helps to talk to people who understand.  
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I didn't mean to scare you but it is better to be prepared.  It is different for everyone too...some people do not get all the same symptoms.  You could have a mild version of this.  Just take it a day at a time - even hour at a time.  talk things out.  You are going to be ok - just remember that!


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So, this is something else i have to look forward to? well at least i can prepare myself.  
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