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Denial is not a river in Egypt!

Sorry to interupt your regularly scheduled program......but I just read this on ksl.com (SLC news) and it got me pretty irrate..

http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=12894908         (copy and paste)

"Heroin growing problem in Utah, but not epiemic"........HELLO! YES IT IS! Here is a choice morsel or 3 from this hard hitting expose - "We are seeing school-age children involved in heroin use,"  and also.... "Police are seeing varying degrees of heroin use in schools, though they say it is not up significantly." And yet again...." those that use heroin aren't the ones that are attending high school,"

Hmmm, well what ever you say. Not how here is the truth. Actually 2 of my kids went to HS here in the north end of the valley, and both told me their friends said pills and even heroin were easy to find.

There is a HS down in the south end of Utah Co. (I will not mention the name) that locals refer to as "Heroin High".

A close friend of mine lives in the pleasant berg of Spanish Fork. He has a 17 year old daughter. Two (count them, TWO) of her friends have died in the past year from Heroin related problems.

These towns are FARM TOWNS! Sorry for the yelling but it pisses me off. One of the reasons the problem has gotten out of hand is the practice in this culture (rural...mormon) of looking the other way and pretending that all is well. All isn't well. There is a movie that came out a few years back called "Happy Valley", you might have heard of it? Yeah, thats right where I live. Most of the scenes in the movie are streets and such that I recognize. I'm like "Oh yeah, I was just over there yesterday". Pharmacy holdups for oxy are only a weekly occurance now because most keep the opiate pills in safes.

Burying your head in the sand won't make this problem go away. The streets are flooded with OC here. People (kids included) run low on cash and graduate to H because it's cheaper. I have always considered the $$ I had from my parents estate, somewhat of a curse. It enabled me to afford the pills for years. On the other hand, since I didn't ever go broke, I had no reason to make that jump. I thank god for that anyway.

This problem transcends all boundries here. Bad kids...good kids, mormons, catholics, farmers, lawyers, cops, doctors, soccermoms etc. But no one wants to mention it or face. Wow is all I can say. I just hope my kids don't ever get caught up in the same crap I did.

Thats my rant, I just had to let it out. Ok I'm done. I'm going grocery shopping.

Carry on citizens....22 days clean


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All true,I know. H. is very popular here,as well.

What the hell is the solution???   All we can do is teach our OWN kids,watch them like hawks,and hope for the best!   Of course,we can always try to seek out the source...a
little dangerous, though,unless we do it as a group.

Should I start up the bus??
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I suppose the angle of the article was that the schools now need more money to "fight" the drug problem in the schools, right?  I further assume that the parents all sanctimoniously agree with the money solution while they do absolutely nothing to control their own children.  THAT'S what p-sses me off.  Parents who won't do their jobs and leave it to school staff to raise their children.

Back in my day (and don't say it!) my mom cleaned our rooms every Saturday.  The cleaning was just a pretext to toss our cells.  I was the white sheep of the family so didn't have much to hide, but my older siblings got busted several times.  Mom knew how to flay you alive with guilt that you'd carry the rest of your life - no physical punishment needed.  LOL!  

So yeah, there was some experimentation amongst me and my siblings, but it never lasted. (But then, I was smart enough never to bring anything into the house.)  It was way too much trouble to deal with the mater, and you REALLY didn't want the pater familias to get involved!
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This is so sad to read.   I wish i had the answers.
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Take it for what you will, but what it really says is the level of denial here is as epidemic as the skyrocketing use. The prevailing theory is that only some of the bad kids, drop outs, outcasts and rebels are using. These good wholesome mormon kids would never stoop to that level...even if it all started from them stealing Oxys out of their parents dresser. Oxys that the parents themselves are abusing. But look the other way brothers and sisters because we are gods people. Nothing to see here citizens....move along.

It was the same way up in the little predominantly mormon town in N Wyo I lived in (and am returning to). Until several kids ODed on Methadone (seriously..where the hell do you get methadone in a county of 5,000 people?). That was a slap in the face that woke everyone up. Since then they have faced the problem. Police seminars, pill counting, run off several drs.

But here in God's country, they proceed merrily on in a state of insanity, pretending this is a problem that only occurs in LA or NY or places like that where the sinful and wicked abide. Makes me sick to my stomach. Walk down the street of this fair town and within a block or two you will invariably find foil that H has been smoked on or needles or ballons. But don't worry....no epidemic here!!!

Vicki - If one really wants to seek out the source, one would want to load up that bus and go to Wash DC. Where our govt openly supported the mujahadeen, who grew the opium, for decades. And turn a blind eye to it now that the Taliban are gone. Our govt is real good at dragging their feet on interdiction, while punishing people here for becoming junkies. As many have said, Addiction is big bizzness right now.....and unfortunately, bizzness is good.

Rant completed! enjoy your day...

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Trust me, that bus has been to Washington. I've "agitated" there in the past...please don't ask...
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Completely understand Jimmy.  "It's not MY kid causing the problem - it's my neighbor's kid!"  This is nothing new.  The same thing happened when I was in school.  All the kids knew who was a stoner and who wasn't, but the parents never wanted to believe it even on the rare occasion that someone got busted.  Of course, back then, any kid who got busted on a drug charge was automatically expelled from school.  Can't do that anymore - might hurt their self-esteem.
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Yes Jimi, Utah is a curious place. When I worked in Richfield many years ago I was there for a few months. Got to know the crowd, use to join in on their Sunday afternoon get-to-gethers for softball,,and also a few nights on the town..Which cosisted of???? Driving about 30 miles out into the booney's to some tucked away country type bar and my god! Talk about getting loose and partying? They could put most to shame if you ever got into a "shots" contest with them..They all were well seasoned drinkers,that for sure..The side of existence out there they keep shielded from view..Nope, there was nothing hollier than thou, to be had from what I saw..They were real good at keeping that aspect of their live's out of view..Which reminds me..Which group is it that lives in pennsylvania? The one's that only use horse and buggy? They mormon's too? Or am I thinking of Quackers (spellings not doing good)..Anyway, I saw a special on Discovery or one of those channels a few months back. How once they reach 18, they get to wander out into the real world, experience it, then decide whether they are going to come back and dedicate their soul to the beliefs of their upbringing or forever be banned from returning. It seems they put together these huge parties a few times a year where some of these kids travel hundreds of miles to attend. Like a Woodstock event for them except they do it more often..Honestly, it looked like a party I'd have loved to have dove into years ago..But the thing was, the drug use, and I mean heavy stuff, was very previ\elant. Coke and speed mainly was the subject matter of the documentary..It got quite indepth and personal..It was pretty scary to see..Thank God my kids have an ex partier for a dad..I have been quite open with them about the errors of my ways and knock on wood, they seem to have gotten my message..I've been blessed so far in regard to substance abuse problems with my kids..I pray it continues to be that way..

And "CY...AH.. NAR.. RAH",,,,  " Peace,,till next time" :)  or whatever you sign off your posts with :):)
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Oh h**l ! Was I supposed to post this on the social forum to start with? Many apologies...

Lol I won't ask Vicki. You seem to get fired up about the subject too..

David- Yes there is two layers to Utah. The top layer that the world sees. Well kept gardens and lawns, church bell chime every hour, a chapel on every block and good hard work working religious folk.

But there is a seedy underbelly to this place. I know, lived it. Bars packed till closing, after hours parties, pills and meth (not to mention the heroin, which was the original intent of my first post). All one has to do, if they don't know the darkside themselves, is to read the police reports and Utah county jail reports. The evidence is overwhelming to anyone brave enough to look. Too bad most here just ignore it.

And btw if you are wondering about my "sign off", Alaikum Salaam...it's a standard arabic phrase that translates to "Peace be with you" The long version is may the peace of allah (god) be with you. The correct response to that is As - Salaam Alaikum. "Peace be with you also". Studied Islam and Arabic culture for quite a few years. Fascinating people, when they aren't shooting RPGs at you..


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10/4 on the RPG's..A favorite playtoy for sure..:)
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Its not UTAH it's UTELL Utah is full of Rats, Grew up in Utah its true there is a seedy underbelly side there has to be everyone is watching everyone else and pointing fingers nobody can live up to (the church s) expectations so they go all the way the other way. Its great place for recovery over 260 aa meetings in a week in the valley and lots of CA,NA, and the lds church has there own 12 step program called SAVE. and theres a cop for every 20 people (Thats not true but it seemed like it) when you have some thing to hide. Peace & Love
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Its Amish that you are thinking of that drive the horse and buggies and go out into our world at 18 to see which side they prefer.  We have Amish where I'm from to.
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