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Devils dance floor

There I was, 10 feet tall feeling mighty and full of delight. Sun on my face and a nippy breeze upon my back. The air was fresh, sun was warm and all just seemed right. As I carved a path of good intentions, it suddenly turned black. The road was long and dark and lonesome as I used my sense of touch, to navigate my plight. As I carried on in such fear of having lost my way, a monkey appeared with horn like ears and a Trident and uttered in a raspy voice " would you like to better your day"? I truly did for I had begun to wallow in that self loathing pit of dismay. I needed a rescue. He said "follow me to my lair of transcending beauty and pain free euphoria. Come along, no time to waste". He gripped my hand tightly, a deep dark path of uncertainty I did creep. We arrived upon his lair quickly and it was a beauty to be seen. It was warm, inviting and magnetic to my needs. That devilish monkey played havoc on my mind and handed me his candy. I contemplated for just a moment that seemed like ages all the same. Then I threw them down and crushed them beneath my feet, cut a rug upon that bastards face and dashed right out the door! He had me for a moment, nearly had me beat, but I came back to my senses and conquered this dreaded feat.
As I flung open the door, there it was in all its glory...... everything was wonderful, pleasent and vivid. I passed this test and survived this mess to breathe one day more. It may be just a single battle, but Im choosing to win the war.

Simply put, my will was tested. I walked away. Smarter. Braver. Wiser. Today is day 7.
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Hey Use, You know your a gifted writer right? Glad you passed the horned monkey for today. Stay the course and the days will just get better and better. Congrats on day 7. Thats wayyyyy huge. Going to look for you on day 30. No pressure....
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Thanks for sharing this beautiful thought and making the version in poem. You are really great writer like "Selfinduced" said. I must have to compliment you to write this whole thing with so much patience. I do not think any one else can write this much with patience.
Finally I hope you have not copied it somewhere else.
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Ouch! Insult to my injury. Never would I be a thief within the shadows, quietly observing the pain of others, trembling, waiting to pounce and make mine. My imagination is vivid, my vernacular is substantial. I can tell a wicked tale that as you read, repeat with your else closed. I can take you there. Details! I thrust you into my octagon of misery, with blurred vision it is but one continuous cell. The links of chain are frigid, there is but one dim candle lit. It never flickers as the air is still, moist. You lay there trapped with thoughts of better choices ignored. A forgotten peace. You envy your memories.

Suddenly you are jolted by an unknown strength! You stand. Then sit. Stand. Sit. You gather your voice, you plead to your God! You scream and you shout! "Is this what my life is all about? I can't take anymore, this sh!t is insane. I'll do anything to erase.......(whispering) this pain".
Jolted by thunder you sit up spring your bed. Its OK, its just a nightmare, says the calm voice in your head.

Seriously, I'm not offended. However, I cannot fathom stealing another persons pain in words.

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