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I was addicted to alcohol and codeine,I've been clean 129 days my doctor put me on diazapam when I stopped using to help wth the withdrawals,well I am now tapering off the diazapam,I've gone from 10mg a day to 7 1/2,I see her again in 2 weeks and she'll keep cutting it back.I'm still on zoloft which I've been on for 10 yrs before that it was prothiaden,at the moment I won't be able to come off the zoloft I take 200mg a day and we have tried cutting down many times over the years and the depression just comes back and It's too severe,So I may be on zoloft forever but that's OK because I don't and never have abused it.I'm just so happy I'm getting off the diazapam now.
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keep up the good work
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Way to go, Narla....very proud of you..

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