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***Do you Dare To Share***???

I was just wonder if anyone is willing to share what you might feel as embarassing that you wouldn't normally tell others that you do?......it can be anything from picking your nose and eating your bugars...lol.  to biting your toe nails do you dare to share?.......I'm testing you all now to see what your made of.

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I'm a mouth breather.  My nose is strictly for looks .........no air goes through it. lol
So of course I snore......there's others things that are difficult when you can't breath through your nose.........lololollo
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I love to pop my hubby's zits on his back.  And, my mother gets blackheads on her nose and cheeks and I love to pop those too.  I don't understand how I can do that because I suffer from a little bit of OCD.  But, I admit I have to go wash my hands immediately.

If my friends' children drink out of my cup or whatever I'm drinking - I give it to them.  I can't stand it!!!
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Ewwwwwwwwww  utah......thats a good, nasty one.  I used to do that too.  My husband had blackheads on his back and I did enjoy squeezing them out......the whiteheads....hail to the NO.......I squeezed his nose one time and am haunted to this day. It reminded me of one of those play-dough hair making machines.....OMG.  the pores on this mans nose were huge........I am getting the willies just thinking about it.

Oh, I used to do his fingers and toenails with a pearing knife.....i loved scraping the cuticle off and then getting that stuff out what ever it is.....under the corners of the big toe nail.......Oh, it smelled soooo bad, but I got some sick pleasure digging it out......

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Come on peoples.......don't be chicken ??

I shave my face every day with an electric razor.  I don't tell anyone about that.  I see women with facial hair and i can't stand it....it scares me.  Used to drive my husband crazy when we would be driving and I was shaving my face ......he would freak out and want to pull over.....hahahhaha.......Used to use a Mach lll, regular razor.  those are nice and a closer shave.....lol.  Electric is more convenient.......:-))

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Ok This is gross. I've had an abscess on my gum for at least 6 months now, and can't afford to go get it taken care of. So every few days I do a little self surgery, with an exacto blade to relieve the pressure. Its disgusting but cool at the same time, like popping the most giant zit. So gross, so gross. Hiding my head now.
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Nauty - I have lots of quirks and experiences......but they dont embarass me. It may take awile before I can figure out exactly what embarasses me,,,,,,,,,,,, Doe it have to embarass you?  I am well not well  acquianted with shame. I did wear white one year after Memorial Day and embarrassed my wife - but I got a free bottle of good wine for being individual.  Would that count.
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