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Where did Eagle or eagle1 go? I'm trying to find him...
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"The Eagle" has a new screen name :

"122 Tactical Fighter Group"

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Thank you very much!
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I'm an old friend of Eagle's and I've emailed him and messaged him here and I really need to reach him. Do you know where abouts he is? Do you know another way I can reach him?
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Rex -     Houston - tranquility base here. The eagle has landed.       Went for a break and came back with old designation for a rebirth of sorts - - - you can find me at 122 Tactical Fighter Group or you should still have my e-mail---------------I have been terrible about checking my facebook.   Glad to hear from you ..... sorry for the inopportune timing........
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I've sent you emails. Have you replied. Situation critical.
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Send him a PM through his forum screen name in case e mail is a wrong one...
Hope you get to him..
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