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I am writing this as i dont have time to respond to everyone.  There was a chemical explosion about 5 blocks from me today.  Some have been hurt is all we know.  We have now been evacuated so will be loading up the dogs and cat and heading out.  We have many fire dept's here helping our town out.  Waiting on some tactical team from a bigger city to come and assess the situation.  What makes this even worse is we have 45 MPH winds today blowing our way.

We are all okay here, this is just precautionary.  I work tonight from 6-midnight so will be on when i get home.  Thanks for all your concern~~sara
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I know I'm not a regular on this forum or anything, but am a friend of Sara's from other forums, so I hope no one minds me posting here.

Sara, I was quite alarmed when I saw your mood and am so glad to read this and know you are all ok.  Stay safe and I hope all in your area come through this without incident.  Take care my friend.  Thinking of you.
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Love you, Sarah
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my thoughts are with you just get the heck out ok and I will speak to you tonight.. if not first thing in the morning.. my prayers are going up..
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be careful!
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My prayers are with you and all involved. Let us know you are safe.
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I hope everything turns out OK I will pray for all
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