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Everyone I love dies

or was seperated from me, incl. bro (9yrs younger whom I have always loved dearly.) Mommy died in 1968, along with MLK, & some others I don't remember - oh, yeah, Bobbie K, too.When I was 12 I was seperated from by best friend from diapers & rubber pants, Betty Sue Gold. My Mom and Hers were the only ones who would have understood, besides us.
Hey, this thing does not let me review what will be written. Par for the course.
Whatever happens, happens & we deal with it from there.
Thank You,Lord. for the Beauty that is my Mother Earth. Amen
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1968 wasnt a very hot year for me - - my brother had been shot in Vietnam in 1967.  I joined the service in 1968 and got on a plane for Vietnam on September 7, 1969..............Lot of my best friends died over there.........Whatever happens, happens & we deal with it from there...
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Your words sound so sad.  Have you recently lost someone close to you?  Your brother?

I understand you pain.......    my first "big loss" was my fiance , my first true love many years ago...... he was killed in an accident on the same day I was picking out my wedding dress.  My heart was broken.  But what choice do we have, other than to go on and try to live a productive life.

My father was my anchor, however he had a full life  and when he died I could accept his passing, as is the "circle of life".

I have buried two children and now have one with a serious addiction and it rips my heart to the core, because I am not sure I can lose my last child.....   my living daughter is the only one with addiction,  the other two deaths were totally unexpected,  and to this day not sure I can or will ever accept the loss of my children.....  It is not suppose to happen that way......  as parents we should not bury our children, unfortunately many of us have had to do exactly that and again go on with our lives, because other than totally shutting down and giving up on life,  there is no other option than taking the time to try to heal.....not that you will ever be the same, but you dig deep for that inner strength on go on,,,,,,,,,  Pls don'tmisunderstand, when I buried my daughters I buried a piece of my heart and those pieces of my heart will be with them forever, I know I will never be the same person I was before their deaths ,  but I try.

My mom is dying of cancer,  I can accept that..... my concern is she not be in pain.  How fortunate am I to have had both of my parents all of my life into adulthood?  I think I have been truly blessed with my parents love and they both lived full productive lives......I thank God they were such a integral part of my life  for so long......  again the circle of life.

Two of my dearest friends died within 4 months of one another......   long time friends....  and as my heart broke for their families and selfishly for myself, how lucky was I to be blessed with such unconditional friendship for so many years.......

These are those that were the closest to me....  yes my grandparents have passed as well as aunts and uncles   and as you great leaders, I wish had longer time with us, however, the only way I can accept loss is to acknowledge how very blessed I have been to have had such incredible people in my life.

I hope you will reach some peace in time, with the loss of those you have lost.....
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My first big loss was my mother when I was 8, 50 years ago, then my grandfather a week later (her father)..my Dad in 1982 and worst of all my 26 yr old son almost a year ago...I'm having a tough time with that but I'm learning to move ahead, though it is not witout occasional days when I just go into emotional meltdown....

Unfortunately it's life, and things we don't understand but we need to learn to mourn yet carry on with our lives...I'm trying.

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