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Once again we have a tie for the lead this week. Both BarbRTR and Digger1976 guessed nine games correctly so we used the points to break the tie. And the winner is……………………


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Great picks!!! And congratulations to everyone!

Here are the wins for this week:

BarbRTR 9
Digger1976 9
Heather8448 8
Vicki595 8
Sonrissa 8
FourJays 7
VICourageous 7
ActingBrandNew 6
Molytex 6
Quitinoxys 6
Specialmom 6
Ang_811 5
Dominosarah 5
Addict3 5
Clean_In_Kansas 4
Drfiter0213 4
IBKleen 4

Here are the cumulative totals through Week #12:

FourJays 117
Specialmom 111
VICourageous 106
ActingBrandNew 104
Digger1976 102
IBKleen 96
Quitinoxys 95
Vicki595 89
Drifter0213 88
Dominosarah 88
Molytex 85
Addict3 83
Ariley13 78
Sonrissa 76
BarbRTR 67
Ang_811 66
Heather8448 54
Zerokewl123 39
Clean_In_Ks 18
Ben727 14
Traeday 12
Newmommy1207 8
Justtbe1 7

Again, congratulations to everyone! I will have the week #13 schedule up as early as I can tomorrow. We have 3 games on Thursday so you will want to get your picks in early.

P.S. Barb, my apology. I do not know your team??
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Hey RTR/Roll Tide Roll Girl.......YEAH YOU!!!!!!  Good picks....hope you bop back in soon....you are missed~

Aren't you a Titans fan?  Can't remember either~
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Congrats Barb....this week was a doozy...
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Congrats Barb!!!!!
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Shucks, I thought I had it! Oh well who better to concede defeat too than the brilliant Barb! Congrats and great picking, ;)))
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Good Job Again Barb!!! Ya!!

Congratulation to you too Dig..This week was a hard one..lol
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Congratulations Barb!
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Good work at picking those winners Barb and Digger!
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Congrats guys
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congrats !
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Thank you all very much!

I'm more of a college fan. I root for Nola but unlike my Tide, won't go into the fetal position if they lose :)
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