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Faucet Shots

I am wondering what "Faucet shots" are.  I have a nephew who was unjured and in severe back pain, and his DR has recommended that he have "faucet shots."  We need to know exactly what they are and what is the purpose behind them.  
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fascet shots are in the shots in the fascets of the back it can be quite helpful for some
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Fascet shots are usually cortizone and used for trigger point shots. Many people swear by them Some do not get any relief.  they are worth trying..............
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It is a block that is performed to confirm that a facet joint is the source of pain and decrease pain and inflammation in a facet joint or joints. ( They are joints located on the back of the spine on each side where one vertebrae slightly overlaps the adjacent vertebrae. They guide and restrict movement of the spine) . The patient is given a local skin anesthetic - a needle is then inserted into the facet joint or facet capsule and an anesthetic and steroid are injected by the physician, this is done under fluoroscopy and takes about 30 minutes. blocks are usually done in conjunction with physical therapy.

Some patients will have swelling and some swear that the injection itself can be more painful than the actual pain, but within 4-8 hours there can be relief. It works 50/50, some people rave about it with others little or no help. Back pain is very painful and hard to pinpoint to  get/maintain temporary relief, so any short term relief is worth a try.

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