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Ghost Adventures

Ok, let's give MH a break and start fresh. Let's have a civilized conversation that won't get us into trouble (I hope).

Does anybody have any interesting ghost stories???  :)
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Oh, SO MANY...where to begin???
Ok, I once worked in a group-home for disabled children. Just a regular home, not an institution. On my first night there, (first ten minutes, actually) one of the other nurses training myself and another new-hire told us "by the way, this house is haunted". The other woman training said "Oh right! I don't believe in that sh*t!" At that moment, about 10 ft away, a Dr. Pepper bottle sitting on the fireplace mantel flew across the room about 6 ft and dropped in the middle of the floor. Needless to say, the non-believer failed to show up for the second night.
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you saw it take off from the table?? no way!!!

i agreee, i was a non-believer as well... was this at night or early morning?
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around midnight. We also heard really heavy footsteps going down the hall alot in the middle of the night. None of the children walked, all were in wheelchairs. :/ It wasn't scary, there was just 'something' there....
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here's mine...

Me and my wife were in hurghada, egypt at a resort and got this HUGEEE suite with a nice balcony etc. but I think the 2nd night we started hearing these noise like toys being stepped on, and we both agreed it sounded like toys being stepped on which freaked us out.  But anyways, this wasnt like a tall building hotel, but like two-story villas all over the resort.

Anyways, when u get inside the room u need to place ur room card key in some slot to activate the electricity by the door, ok ... so at night my wife starts talking about her grandfather who passed away recently and all of a sudden we saw flashes like from a camera appear near the door. Now there's a mirror right next to the door so automatically I think that was just the card reader thingee flashing etc.  but I remember going to the bathroom and looking at it and theres only a red or green light on it, so the bright white flash had to come from somewhere else...

anyways long story short,  there was a bunch of freaky sh*t going on that night so we decided to leave the room and take a walkin in the garden at like 2am, but we got so tired and went back to the room.  But when we were sleeping, I had this crazy dream and then I remember trying to get up see if my wife was ok but I SWEAR I felt someone grabbing my neck and pushing me down from getting up to look at me wife... I'm almost positive I was awake but just couldnt get up coz someone was pressing me down.

Well I'm still not sure how we managed but, despite being only the second night in that room out of a 7 night vacation, the night after was normal and we didn't experience any other wierd sh*t after that second night.  We were SOOO close to requesting another room too but the room we had was so awesome, we literally forgot about the ghost stuff lol.
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WOW! thats crazy!!!! I'm not sure I could have stayed in a room where I was being choked! Glad it turned out okay.
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yeah, i think we wered so occupied during the day that we didn't care anymore about ghosts lol
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Shake me down...not a lot of people left around....
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Ok, since no one else is going to participate, I will tell another.....

I once had this tiny little two-bedroom apt. It was myself, my oldest son (1 yr @ the time, give or take a month), and my younger sister and her friend would often crash on the living room floor.

It started with things coming up missing, like a hairbrush, a belt, car keys, etc. you could look for hours and not find them. As soon as you would ask out loud for whatever back, it would turn up in a place you KNEW you had checked a hundred times. On the night stand, the kitched table, someplace obvious. Annoying, but not scary.

One night, I went in to check on my sleeping son, who I had left uncovered, as he would not keep the covers on. When I went in, he was lying on his stomache with the balanked pulled up to his neck and firmly tucked in all around him. NO WAY he did this to himself. A little weird, but not really scary.

One Saturday afternoon, when my son was napping in his crib, I too decided to take a nap. About 30 minutes later my friend who lived across the courtyard facing my apartment, called and woke me up. She asked what I was doing and i told her napping and she said that she was at that moment looking out her window watching my front door opening and closing over and over. My son, who did not walk yet, was sound asleep in his crib. Really weird. My friend was totally freaked out.

Finally, late one night, my sister and her friend were crashing on the floor (in the dark) and my sister was telling her that i thought the place was haunted. A few minutes into the conversation, they said they heard something scraping across the wall, stop for a second, and then crash to the floor. They turned the light on to find a large framed portrait of me and my son was standing right-side up on tthe floor against the wall a few feet from where it had been hanging. They never crashed there again!

We moved out a couple weeks later!
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That sounds like the movie Paranormal Activity!!!

Was this an old apartment complex?? U serious ur neighbor saw ur door open and close??  I hope you didn't stay long at that place... MAN!!! the hanging portrait would've sealed the deal for me!

Good stuff...
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LOL! All totally real, I even left some stuff out to keep it short! We only stayed about 3 months, that sh*t was crazy!!!!

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yeah because I heard even certain objects can be cursed lol
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I can't say I have any actual ghost stories of the scary kind but I can't remember the last time that I haven't "seen" of felt some kind of spirit around.The weirdest one I had,I've already told Mr this one,the night my step dad was killed I had a dream of a man coming to me and saying "Your father just died" and my response was "yes he died along time ago"and he said "no tonight" my dad died when I was 8,so when I got woken up by that phone in the morning I knew exactly what it was.
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dreams are no joke, I'll tell you that.
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Ooohhh! That just gave me goose-bumps!
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And the apt I lived in wasnt really old, built in the 1950's. But the land that it was built on used to be part of a miltary training base. The same military training base that was the setting for the prologue in Stephen King's book "IT". Hmmm....maybe he knows something I don't????
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I have one... I word for a school district and I have alot of custodians tell me freaky stories about voices and thats why alot of them put on headphones in the AM when its dark...

Anyways, I came one day early in the morning during the daylight savings time when it's still dark, but I remember I was working on something and I swear to god I hear a female voice say loud and clear the words...  "That's correct!!!" I almost sh*tted myself lol

Till this day I never go in early to work lol
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I had a client a few times her name was Erin and every time I worked on her I could always see a silver moth flitting around her right wrist.I never said anything to her about it because why freak her out,so she actually ended up becoming a Mt and working with me so one night I told her the story and she just starred at me like I was bonkers,and then she told me that she had lost a silver charm braclet about a year ago and the thing she missed the most was a silver butterfly charm her grandmother had given her.
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LMAO! Well, @ least you were correct!
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I knew it!!!, you a beaner!! Lol
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Omg I'm so sorry it just came out! I hope I didn't offend you lmao kinda a little bit
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Wow! You should read tarot cards while you massage and charge double!! lol
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Was that to me???
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I'm not, but my kids are 1/2. no offense taken. LOL!
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No to Mr. I keep teasing him cuz he won't show himself and you know he does live in southern Cali lol-just like to give him a hard time lol
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