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Good Luck to both teams

Well done to the Netherlands and Spain making it to the world cup final.

Now Sophie Shine and laurel453 be nice to each other,and may the best team win,hopefully with no controversy.
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We should have been there but for that French cheat Thierry Henry (handled the ball twice before France scored a goal that ultimately put Ireland out of the World Cup) lol. We should be in the Final
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Australia had some really bad ref's decisions as well,they need to do something to make the ref's accountable.Maybe on handballs and whether the ball crossed the goal line they need to go to a replay.
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Hey narla I played soccer for 11 years and anyone who plays any sport know that good refs and bad refs are just part of the game. I am rooting for Spain. What time is the game on?
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I'm not sure
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Narla, thanks a lot  :) Spain played really well yesterday and my respect to Germany too.

this is a really surprise final, none of the teams, Holland or Spain, has ever won the tittle so I'm happy for this. I was bored with Brasil, Italy or Germany winning most of the times Lol and yeahhhhhh, rooting for Spain, sure. ( hope we won't disappoint you, becca :)

and i agree that the refs have made some  bad decisions during the tournament ...they should improve  their skills or in any case, maybe use some help like the replay with some "goals"  :)

The streets were full of crazy people yesterday...shouting and chanting , the final is a prize in itself so we are happy .
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You mean the US team isn't in it anymore?
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Is the game on today??   I'll have to check local listings now...LOL

I just hope the game is fair...yes,some of those refs need to retire!!!

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Amsterdam is on her head!!!!!! 80,000 ppl in the park ( Museum Plein) to watch the semi-final, it was awesome!!!!

Vicki,the final is on Sunday 14:30 EST Vicky.

For the 1st time in history Seth Blatter, the big boss of the FIFA has "considered" talks about an electronic referee system. But this is gonna take years. Football is a very old lady in Europe and takes time to change habits, they always come with the same argument: Tradition. Well tradition is called archaism in my book! lol

Narla, NO risk at all that Laurel and I could ever be nasty to each other, I love her way too much for that:)

May just the Best Team win.
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Sophie~  Thanks...I checked it out so I could mark my calendar(I'm sooo busy!!)

Yes..I just pray that all will be fair,no stupid calls,( you can't FIX stupid   LOL ) and that no one gets hurt.

I'll make some ethnic foods, as well, to snack on.  I will make some Spanish meatballs
and some Dutch meatballs.*

*They are exactly like Italian meatballs with a different name !!  LMAO

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hahaha  "albondigas" are called here, vicky ...meatballs... hummm quite inspiring and i'm not going to tell you what i'm thinking of LOL

no way we will be nasty to each other, right, sophie :)
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Have you heard of PAUL the british octopus living in Germany ? well, he has just predicted that Spain will beat Holland.

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I am so looking forward to watching the game, the whole cup this time has been exciting.

While I hate the idea of "instant replays" it would be nice to see some way of the "obviouse" bad calls fixed, Any comments or ideas?
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the so called 4th referee ... maybe he could monitor the game  with tv screens and make a decision about some dubious goals or actions ?
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We have a video ref in rugby league in Australia and it works really well,it clears up any doubts
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