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Has anyone been arrested for Dr Shopping two doctors for ambien only?

Was flagged at the pharmacy for trying to fill a prescription for ambien I had just had filled 6 days before at another pharmacy...so I’ve been caught..what happens now? Will I get a knock on the door from DEA or the police? This was on Monday..since then I’ve quit taking the Ambien..I’m scared I’ll be arrested..never taken any other kind of drug..only Ambien..for years..would I just be flagged and they watch me or would they come after me? Will they for sure contact my 2 doctors..ive never been down this road..am scared..will NOT be filling anymore prescriptions that is for sure!
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Holy crap!  Did this happen to you for real? What was the outcome?  I'm thinking of you.  It will be okay.  
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I am a recovering drug addict and I have done many shady things at Dr's and Pharm's.  I am not in law enforcement but I would say that you are safe,  Technically to my knowledge you did not break any law's even if you were doc shopping at least where I live in MN.  You had a authentic script for each one.  All scheduled prescription drugs nationwide are now on a networked registry so anytime you get any narcotic or scheduled medication it goes into a system that all Physicians and Pharmacists can look up.  Technically its your 2nd docs fault for failing to look up your Prescription history and see that you just had a script filled days prior.  I am 95% certain you will not face any criminal consequences as a result of this.
Glad you weighed in.  How are you Holy_Pheonix?  Glad to hear you are recovering and know it is a battle.  
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How are things going, Pepetaco?  How did this turn out.  We're anonymous here so you can talk and no one knows who you are.  How's it going with the pill issue?  Any time you want to chat, come back.  Please.  hugs
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