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Has anyone talk to Joann1975 lately???

Joann , just wondering if you are ok...Havn't seen you post in a while...Hoping you are well !!!!
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Her last post looks like it was Sept.28th.
Where are you Joann?
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I haven't seen her on here lately. Joann I hope you are ok. Get your butt back on here, you helped so many and were always so positive.
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i havent talked to her n about a week....we used to talk all day and all nite EVERYDAY. i no that she started a new job so maybe she a lil tied up with that! i dont no but i do no that i really miss her! ill try to call her tonite and see whats up!
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jen lets us know if you do get ahold of her I am very worried about her.Ask her if its ok if I give her a call .
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Thanks....Please tell her to post to let us know she is ok....Such a sweet person, that is sooooo missed!!!
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will do you guys...gotta wait til momz get home tho i put her # in moms cell , but as soon as she gets here ill will defianlty call her!! love u guys! JENZ
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THANKS!!!  when you do talk to her, please tell her she is very missed!!!
hugs to you old lady!!!  j/j
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I miss her so much, and have also been worried, please let me know too if anyone hears anything from her. thank guys!!
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If you talk to her please let her know I am concerned as well and would like to talk to her.

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i talked to her not long ago and she is doing good. she just started her job today and is busy lately. She says hi to her friends here. hope she'll stop in soon:)
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thanks for letting us know she is doing good...She is surly missed!!!
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JoAnn, if you are lurking...i miss you too...please stop in and say hi....
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gizzy thank you I hope so .she is such a wonderful kind person we need as  many people like that the forum.If I can do anything for her tell her to contact me I will help her out all I can.
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I tried but couldn't get through.  I thought she began her job today and hope she did well - I'm sure she will.  She helped me through a rough time .... I miss her and would like to hear how she's doing.

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I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern. I did start my new job Wednesday and will be training...so will be spending alot of time there for the next week. It went great though and I'm kind of excited about going to work PT...not excited about leaving my son but.. you know. LOL He walked ALL THE WAY to the park yesterday with his Great Aunt (about 1/2 a mile) then half way home. So instead of being exhausted last night he was wound up!

Hope you are all doing well...miss you guys too.

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