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Hello Everyone! Its me bkitty!!!

Going on almost 2 yrs sobriety. I've been weaned off all medication (psych meds) and only taking Tylenol PM as needed. It took a year to get back to normal. Omg. Then another year to figure out what the heck happened. LOL. It's been a journey . Some of the long time members here know my story and have seen me at my worst and even lower than that. The support here is amazing. If you're just starting out please don't get discouraged and give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I promise you! Everyday you will see something new that was dulled by the pills. You will make that connection to life again. But its up to you to make the connection. It will feel "normal" and you won't be walking around with that disconnect. It takes time. Danger is always lurking. Stay on guard.  Keep a healthy routine and your support on speed dial. I wandered away from the forum because I needed actual human contact. I do lurk. LOL. My husband is my greatest support and our marriage hasn't been easy but it's fixable and we are great. I popped back on here because my poor kitty is sick and reached out to the great people at the cat forum. I also admit when the time comes to put my kitty down, how am I'm going to cope. That's OK. I know those thoughts live in my head somewhere and I'm prepared. One day at a time. I hope everyone is doing well. The holidays are rough. I've scheduled myself extra shifts at the hospital. I can't be around my family. They have to be kept a safe distance . Work is great. My husband harvested a deer and our freezer is full. Im very blessed with everything I have. Now probably isn't a good time to tell the husband I'm too scared to eat the deer meat!
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I forgot to mention one of the reasons I quit the pills was because I ended up with an ileus. Bowel obstruction. When you puke up your own poo, it kinda does something to you. I had a tube stuffed down my nose for 3 days! I hit the door running when I was better and never looked back. Only me...ugh yuck!
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im new on here .im 7 months clean and was was just reaching out.had questions .your meg. is awesome thanks
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