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Help !! M.P.D.S.

This is off topic but I rather hear the answers from people I know and trust then strangers . I have someone very close to me with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) It stems from sever sexual abuse as a child . She is the sweetest woman and she is only 30 . I know she has at least 4 personalities and have seen 3 for myself . She has one by the name of Eve (Evil) that seems to come out whenever there is stress or trauma and she is one cold ,mean personality . I am asking you guys because she seems to be getting worse and I am very worried about her . So if any of you know someone or something about this disorder I would appreciate hearing from you . I have never seen such suffering and emotional turmoil in a human being in my lifetime and frankly my friends I would have no problem lining up these monsters that did this to her and pulling the trigger ! Thank you in advance . Sincerely Jimmy
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Oh yes she does abuse drugs at times like Vicodin , Somas and used to abuse alcohol .. Jimmy  
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Hey Hi--    Wow!   MPD is pretty rare and usually those folks need long term treatment. It's odd that EVE would be one her "others". There was a highly publicized case many years ago,a book was written and a movie made: "The Three Faces of Eve".  Then there was "Sybil"...

It's very difficult to integrate the personalities and in all my years working,I've never seen anyone who suffered from MPD.  Is she currently under anyones' care? Is she alone?
She really needs to be followed closley,I do know that...

Good luck with this...she's lucky to know you!!
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I was thinking the same thing Vicki said---I saw both movies. That being said, I never met anyone that actually had the disorder but from what little I know of it they usually require in-patient treatment, which I think Vicki also said.

If she isn't being treated, she needs to be. While it has to be awful to watch my concern is that she could potentially harm herself or others.

I wish I knew what to say to you but just wanted you to know I was here and thinking of you. I will say a special prayer for your friend and I truly hope she gets the help she needs.
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Hi you two thanks for taking the time to offer some input .. Yes she is under care but being disabled like she is she is on SSI so you know the care she receives is not top notch . But they have taped her and there is 100% no doubt that you has this disorder .. You know I have read much about this and interesting enough she usually seizures and can't remember anything when she gos into Eve or another that is called The Keeper who does not speak and amazingly knows sign language perfectly !! If you don't know how to sign she will right on a tablet . This personality is very sweet and kind . There is a third I have met that is a small child who is very sexual and will get very aggressive with you and one time I had to stop her from taking off her cloths . This personality stems from the abuse no doubt . Its bone crushing to see her come back to her true personality as she is always apologetic and humiliated about the entire episode .. Believe me my friends this woman knows where the monsters grow !!  Jimmy
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