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Help for my Daughter

My daughter is 19 years old. She has been battling addiction for longer than I know. She came home to us a little over 2 weeks ago and said she was done.By this time she had been combining Heroin and Meth and injecting them . She was ready to get help. So 4 days in center and now we are doing IOP. My question is what should I be doing? I'm here for her no matter what!! I take her to all appointments, make sure she has all her medicines and cigs. I just feel lost!! She sleeps A LOT!! and she battles being angry for no apparent reason . I just need advice on how to help.
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Hello, if she is getting her treatment and is not currently a user, then there is not much for you to do, except be supportive. I started abusing pain killers at about 18, and was hooked off and on until recently, I am 26. I can't imagine someone so young injecting, but it's different than when I was her age I suppose. She will be moody, she will get angry, and she won't know why. It just is part of not being high. They call it being HIGH because that's how you feel, so it'll take her awhile before feeling "normal" is good enough. Just take comfort that she will so grateful in the end for you saving her life. Just try to keep her spirits up, keep her smiling, tell her you love her. Only of the worst things about drugs is how anti-social you become, so now she probably feels the need to affection. All I can say is hang in there, it'll be tough but she WILL be okay. Going through a week or two of hell, to have back your whole life...get her there.
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Hi megs-mum Great your supporting her, Addiction affects not just the user But everyone around them Doesn't care what age race sex rich poor Once it gets a grip its Hard to kick. Now u need to make her understand that meth (is it methadone?)isn't like heroin its got a half life and WDs from that can last along time, I'm detoxing from a 16yr ride on methadone I first started using it at 20 I'm now 37yrs old its not a nice place to be, now there the thomas recipe it makes the WDs a little easier also Valeria root is good for anxiety & sleep. You will get great advice on here from guys&gals in the same boat you & your daughter are in try
Addiction: Substance Abuse form as well as others, You will support yourselve as I'm sure your sick of the drugs in your life through your daughter. Your a great mum for supporting meg in her biggest fight yet!!! Good luck God bless Stay strong & also find out about after-care NA CA AA meetings as getting Clean is easy its staying Clean that's hard, Remind her that she will never have to go through this again. God bless
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Opps I meant you will get support as well! God bless you both
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Thank you both for your responses! Megan is currently doing amazing. She is 11 days clean today! She spent 4 days in patient and is now doing IOP! I am very proud of her and will continue to support her every step of the way. She is starting to deal with all the emotional baggage and it has proven to be a lot, but I feel with her family and the good lord in her corner we WILL over come!!
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Hi I just came over from the Substance Abuse form..Have her come on and get more support around here too!! She can get some onsite on what goes on in this addiction..I am 57 and used off & on since I was 14..I do know for sure one big thing is that I have to stay away from my user friends..Our environment has a lot to do with how we stay clean..Get her to go to some AA/NA too! It does not matter which one she can pick up the tools to use in her recovery and be around other clean friends..It is a must not to be around any thing because it causes Triggers to want to use..OK I did both IOP & Meetings for the first 3 months now I just do the meeting and have Support from Buds on here and at Home..
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Yip defo get her on here for support as well as yourself , 11days great on her. Stay strong God bless you all x
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Hey, don't you worry, she seems to be on the path of recovery, since irritation or unwanted anger is part of it, but don't lose your heart, as a mother you have shown your tremendous character, where you have supporting your daughter to get rid of addiction, trust me she is going be a normal person very soon because she also desires to come out of this.
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I just came across this post and I know it's an older one but I wanted to stop in and ask for an update?? Its wonderful to see how supportive you are. Its always nice to have someone in your corner and I'm sure Megan appreciates it more than you can ever know!
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