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Hey Guys! I have a question about a rehab!

So i talked to my husband last night... and he is starting a outpatient rehab tomorrow! YAH! But im kinda worried... its a methadone clinic.. so basicly he gets to get high everyday is how i feel? Is that right? Or can someone correct me? And will this help?
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Meth Clinics, yes you go to get your fix when you need it. I, myself, do NOT like them. I feel that most people just go there to get their fix, most of them only go for this reason. Sorry i wasn't much help to you. If you read my post that i posted yesterday, (down below) called Meth clinc - caused death, you will see why i don't like or agree with them.

I think that if someone REALLY wants to get help, then they should go to a rehab/detox place, they also have outpatient at places like that too...And those places do NOT give you more drugs! Just a thought for you!
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No, they will give him enough to keep him out of w/d....If it is a good program.....good luck...
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At least the Meth Clinics around here are this way...You can go and get pills they give you whatever you want. Then send you on your marry little way. Heck, if you want to get high while you are there, the let you, then let you drive home like that too. I know someone who goes there, and she only goes cause it is her only way of getting drugs. I think it is rediculious! Why, and how they can do this. They are not helping the people, just making it worse for them, is my opinion! Sorry! But true!
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are you saying that you can walk into any of these places and they will hand you whatever pill you want??
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Well this just ruined my day..
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Kirsten....you need to have your eyes wide open!  Sorry if your day is ruined but this is the reality.  Methadone is in itself, a dangerous drug. Just ask those who have tried to get off!  I guess there is a time and a place for them but it sounds to me like he is trading one addiction for another.  I know you want to be supportive but there are other options out there. Don't let this discourage you, let it empower you instead.  You need to be realistic when it comes to your life and that of your family!  Sorry if this is not what you want to hear....truly, people are trying to help!
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Listen, the only way you are going to get really straight answers is from the clinic itself.

Do they have a councelor there, or someone who you can ask these questions to?  ALL questions you have about it, concerns, etc?

Maybe they will have info that will make you feel better about this.  I don't know, but I think it's best to get it this info from the horses mouth... you may feel beter...
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Yes, this is what they do at these places, walk in and get what you want! Amazing, huh?

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I am also sorry Kirsten, but just want to tell you, that i, myself have never been to one. Just know people who have. Yes, it is like trading one drug for another there. Mj, is right, maybe you can go with him and maybe talk to a counselor. I am not sure. The people i know, and from what i know about the clinics, you can go in and pretty much get any kind of drugs you want. I know you want your husband to get clean, and i am so happy to hear how supportive you are of him. Is there a rehab near you? If so, can he look into something like this instead? They also offer outpatient through those, and i believe it is much better. My friend would go into the meth clinic, and she was addicted to percocets, and she would go in and say she didn't have any and they would just give them to her, like it was candy. To this day, she is much worse of  now than she was before she started going to the clinic. She is SO addited now, and i blame the clinic! She keeps going and they keep giving. It is NOT right, i feel if someone wants to get clean, then a detox or rehab center is a much better option. Not a place that just keeps giving more and more pills to you. I am sorry this isn't what you wanted to hear. I really do hope you find help for him.

Good Luck
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Once again i am speechless
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Its a good thing that he is making an effort to get clean.   Methadone IS very addicting.   So on one hand it is good that he is making a move to get clean, on the other I would be more confident if he got on suboxone.   I know that it is trading one drug for another but still, most people agree that coming off sub is easier.   Talk to the people at this clinic and get a good picture of exactly what the program entails.  How long will he be on the meth???  What is their taper plan???  

I was on heroin back in the 70's around the time the meth clinics started popping up.   I dont know anyone who followed the program and got off opiates that way.  But thats not to say it isnt possible for your hubby.    I still think he needs to be in an inpatient program and go to lots of meetings to get a better chance at sobriety.
best to you
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I know a lady who was addicted to Vicodin she found out she was bi polar, had some really bad freak events and was rushed to ER once while riding a greyhound bus to another town.
She has battled with her addiction for years and is addicted to metadone at this time ,she was using it to get off the vicodin.
I always wondered how they can use another drug as strong as this to stop you from taking another drug. Had no clue this drug was so strong.
I do have a question what is the difference between metadone and Vicodin/Percocet and the illegal form of Meth?
Thank you for any help in this.
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I have been browsing at some of your old posts, tying to find where you said what your husband is taking and addicted to.  Do you know?

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There was a program about addiction on the discovery channel. I only saw a 7 minute clip of it "OnDemand" and would love to see the entire show. The woman was taking up to 100 vicodins a day. I just can't see how that is possible. She went on methadone and when she stopped, she went for the street drugs (herion). She ended up having the Wassmen rapid detox. She was supposedly off drugs, who knows.  I don't know too much about meth, but I would have your husband consider Suboxen.

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Methadone has killed 3 of my friends in the past 5 yrs. when they mixed them with xanbars or even xanax.  If he's got his head on straight and does it right with the clinic, hopefully everything should be fine.  But be sure he's not mixing it with ANYTHING!  Especially xanax!  Good luck!
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